Thursday, September 13, 2007


my recovery rate is shortening.

in my youth, i would take a negative situation and allow it to fester for such a long time. and in order to regain composure, i'd have to call 50 million friends to vent and rant and rave.

now, as a woman, i rarely call anyone on the phone for reassurance, and if i do make a call it's only because Spirit led me to that "perfect" person to help me to remember to stay the course.

times are changing me.

so i bless that little angry girl, kiss her and tell her i love her as i send her back to where she belongs: in the past.

and i pick up whatever lingering baggage i have, which now only consists of a few easy-to-travel bags and not trunks and boxes of hurt and pain, and i move forward to better understanding and wisdom.

and on that final day, if i haven't mastered what i've come for, i pray that i'll only be a breath from doing so.

until usual...and as i'll continue to repeat until this cry is heard and answered throughout the earth...