Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Come To Find Out...

Man: "So, why do you want to work at this hotel?"

Nikki Ann starred blankly in amazement. Again she surveyed the low rate of pay and made no comment.

Man: "So, why do you want to work at the front desk?"

Nikki Ann blinked her eyes in amazement. Her mouth wide-open.

The man shut up and thought to himself for a minute, obviously surveying Nikki Ann's extensive resume and credentials.

Man: "You just need money, don't you?"

Nikki Ann: "What in the hell do you think?"

**Actually, Nikki Ann only shouted that to herself, but it would have been a great comeback.**

Here's what really happened:

Nikki Ann and the man looked at each other, both had a hearty laugh.

And she hasn't heard from him yet.

To be continued...