Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Truth

When I check the stats on my blog, I am overwhelmed by how many of you come to this page to see how my life is going--even more faithful visitors come during times when I haven't blogged in weeks.

I no longer seek to be great or special. My desire is that I be and do what I came here to be and do. It is all of you who keep me going. Without your attention I would be different. You are my mirrors. You give me a good look at and into my SELF. Without your reflection it would be difficult to gauge my growth. All of you are in my life for a reason. There is no coincidence. And some of the things I have to learn from you aren't easy on me, but they make me wiser and more grounded in GOD, FAITH, Love, and patience.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for helping me to see myself. It's priceless.

Miss Nikki Ann