Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello Blog

I thought it important to stop by and see how you (the blog) are doing.  Let's face it, since falling ill with various (basically, too many to mention) dysautonomias...what?...3 years ago now?, I had found it accordingly difficult to write.  So many neurological issues and medications that lead to total and utter brain fog and inability to stay focused on tasks.  I had always prided myself on my ability to focus.  I am a listener by nature and love to...listen.  I never lost focus in school nor college courses because of my gift to not get bored when someone is talking.  I mean...I could sit for hours listening to lectures.  But now?  Shiiiiiiit!  My attention span and mental processing skills rival that of a gnat.  I have absent seizures where I come-to and realize that Sir (my 7yo son) has done stuff that I was totally unconscious of WITH my eyes wide open.  But those things come with my illnesses (yes, plural), and I am finally three years into adjusting, which makes talking to you, blog, more doable. 

So, I hope you are well.  Your sitemeter tells me that you have many visitors each day; it makes me happy to know that you have gone ahead with your life inspite of my not being here to help you.

Blog, my advice to you...

"Be good.

Be patient.

Be in the moment.

Be happy to have readers."


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