Friday, May 19, 2006

Up and Going?

Um, a sista's computer was down for 2 weeks. After I got it out of the shop, I didn't have any desire to get on it. Now that a small bit of that desire has returned, I have been inundated with emails. I had hundreds of emails. And to top it off, lots of them were personal emails from you guys. And what does that tell me? You all were holdin' a sista' down. And the least I could do was get on the friggin' computer and give my peoples a shout out!

Hey Y'all!

I don't think I'll ever catch up on all of the emails you all sent. Just know that I love every one of you.

Congrats to my cousin Keyla on the birth of her first-born (Kiersten was one day early from sharing Isom's birthday!)

Speaking of Isom, he turned one last week.

Happy Birthday Sir Isom!

Happy Belated 40th Birthday to my cousin Subrina. She's one of my eldest first cousins on my mom's side.

Happy Belated Birthday Maria!

That's it for now. I'm about to go and look at Keyla's blog to see if she's had time in her "new mommy" schedule to post pics of Kiersten.

Last tidbit:

Less than 30 days to Thembi & Preston's wedding. I received my dress the other day, it's beautiful! If anyone knows of any upcoming balls to which I could wear this amazing gown again, let a sista know. I'll also need a date (maybe Paul might come up and escort a lonely sista! hint, hint! Y'all know he's my dream guy.). Man, this gown is so gorgeous that I've got to wear it a FEW more times.