Saturday, January 18, 2014


Lately I have had so much that I've wanted to say; but with very little time or energy left to do so.  This is not a complaint, only a realization of the matter.  I no longer try to find a groove, for the groove is forced upon me by my ill body and destiny.  In the past the more I grasped at the groove, the greater the distance became.  At this point it's not even a gap, but more like the space of our galaxy. 

Now I am trying to accept what is being and will be.  I flow through courses that Mother Nature has enrolled me in; they are always exactly what I've needed, despite how uncomfortable they make me feel.  Also, I don't trust the events that bring me joy; life is too fickle to allow for a joyous constant.  Pain and joy are friends, and each allows the other to have some spotlight. 

Me, I remain as the Self, watching it all unfold, taking note of how life automatically does what it is going to do.  No...I am not happy; if anything, I am overbooked with busying myself with tending to my body's need and  tending to those I care for.  And that does suffice.