Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MissNikkiAnn's Reaction To: "London Riots. (The BBC will never replay this. Send it out)"

Wow!  She just randomly called him out as a rioter!  Demonstrating is NOT equivalent to rioting.  And being at a "demonstration" that TURNS into a riot is not the same as actively seeking and going out to riot.

Wow...I thought our own (America's own) CNN was rubbish, but BBC just put a bad taste in my mouth.  And the bad taste in my mouth has nothing to do with the London Riots, it has to do with garbage journalism and reporting; and this is coming from a woman (ME) who's has worked in the media and pursued a graduate degree in communications and journalism (one semester short of a degree that I stopped pursuing in 2001).  I say that for those naysayers out there who might ASSUME that I have no authority on the matter.

The reporter reminds me of Oprah, always asking questions and never being patient enough to hear the full answer.  That's not what being a journalist (news reporter, interviewer) is about.  Let the interviewee tell the story.  Or if you're the storyteller, pain the picture and try really hard not to color with your emotions.  Journalists in WWI had to deal with a lot of emotional and dangerous pressure, but even they were capable of refraining from forcing their biased opinions on the story and story-makers.  Can you image bombs dropping and trying to maintain your composure and wits?  This journalist is sitting in a cushion-y office, popping off at the mouth.  All she had to do was shut up and listen, he was doing all of the storytelling himself.  People and their egoic need for control and their egoic need for the spotlight have ruined the field of journalism.  Media my azz!  

As a journalist, be a slave to the story.  Follow THE STORY.  The story will lead you to greatness.  And a pure journalist is in it for the story, not for fame or fortune.  They want to disseminate TRUTH to the masses.

"Be good.
Be patient.
Be in the moment.
Be open to allowing the story to be told."