Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mass Media Fast

My mass media fast went  It came and went and has left me thinking about all that has transpired in my life (not throughout the world) within in that 2 weeks (and a couple days).  I would have never imagined that things would have gone the way they have.  I am usually so consumed by the word that my own life gets less attention than it should.  It is a reminder that we speak about a world we desire without first being the change that we want to see.  If you are the change, you get a chance to see that desired change each day.  If you are about "talking" about change, you get a chance to see yourself and others talking about change each day.  

It's the classic: What you put your attention on, you get more of.

And with this fast all I've gotten is more conscious awareness of my life, in the moment, as it is happening.  Having received this awareness is the thing that is naturally prodding me in a direction of innate change.  I say it is innate because we're humans, we were born to be ever-changing every nanosecond (probably more) of our existence.  I do not claim to be a "studied" scientist, but I am conscious enough to see my eyelashes falling out and my nails growing every day.  That IS the change; I don't need a textbook to understand it.

I hope all is well with my readers.  And if it is not, as it has not been with me, then let us both remember to...

"Be good.
Be patient.
Be in the moment.
Be of understanding that it will change."