Friday, June 29, 2007

Thirty-Ish Guide

FYI about Thirty-Ish posts:

These mini episodes are actually based on real life stories that have been told to me or I've experienced first-hand. Sometimes I may combine two or more stories to create an episode.

For example, the first episode stems from my own experience with anti-anxiety medication that my doctor prescribed for my nerves during that time of the month. At the same time, I've spoken with so many of my girlfriends who are on one type of medication or another for anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation. Although I'm cynical about those topics in my writings, these things have become a major issue for many woman AND men in America--just check-out all the commercialized prescriptions on the matter.

The second episode about the child putting his mom's toothbrush in the toilet stems from three stories. My mom once had a client who'd told her that her son used the bathroom toilet bowl brush to brush his teeth! At another time, a friend of mine said that when she was little, she used to bring her mother ice cold glasses of water, and her mom, curious one day about this delicious water, followed her child to see where she was getting it from. Of course, from the episode, we know it was from the toilet. Lastly, when Sir was one-and-a-half (in the fall of 2006), he became obsessed with toilets. Many times I caught him at OTHER people's houses playing in the toilet, soaked and wet! Yuck!

So these episodes are about real happenings that are brought to light during group sessions with a roomful of women who are in their thirties.

Welcome to Crazy World, where all the dark secrets of women living in their thirties are exposed. Don't be ashamed of eavesdropping. And leave my characters some words of advice or stories of your own. When leaving comments, don't be afraid to be firm and strong in your responses, the characters aren't real, and thus, won't respond back with any lip action.

I'm out!

Miss Nikki Ann