Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Adequate: McDonalds Coffee In A Starbucks Mug

Feeling like hot boo boo.  Sitting in my recliner (which I never do, I have reserved it for guests) with a blanket over me, popping pain meds that seem to have forgotten their job responsibilites???  And sipping on McDonalds coffee out of my Starbucks mug (mom went and got coffee; I was too sick to french press my Starbucks coffee). is customary, I have a urology doctor appointment today; so there goes a quiet day, which I rarely get anyhow (chronically ill parents have a double whammy of a life and it rarely invovles naps and rest).  Yesterday I had to call my allergist and go in for a breathing treatment, which led him to placing me on Prednisone (a heavy steroid) for 5 days--a sista is not getting much air by inhalinf and is then not exhaling well ("Waiting To Exhale," anyone?).

I'm out.

"Be good.
Be a good patient.
Be in the moment of having proper and above adequate healthcare."


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