Friday, January 16, 2009

my confession

i must admit that i've begun to use this blog as more of a personal journal/log of my life events and less as a tool for communicating to others. so now i've fallen into the pattern of forgetting that others (beside myself) do actually view these things that i am documenting via text, videos and photos. so i will clarify for those concerned about my mild seasonal depression. the images and text that i post about it is only a glimpse of my overall life. i AM NOT depressed 24-hours a day. seasonal depression (my mild case) is more like an introspective, slowing down period, which can be difficult for my mind and body to adjust to. especially when it comes to the external factors (weather related) that i have no control over--especially when you're snowed in for days and cabin fever sets in, or when your little person is ill and you stay home with him to avoid contaminating other folks' kids at school.

anywho...i hope you're enjoying witnessing my journey, as i am enjoying living it--even the sad moments!

and thanks Craig (my fellow mild seasonal depression sufferer!).

and the winter continues.

its -1 degrees out here in Connecticut.

and i'm mildly depressed and luvin' it!