Thursday, November 30, 2006

Come To Find Out...

You should always go with your first instincts...

I attend block watch meetings and try to keep in contact with my local police department. I know officers by name and often stop and talk to them on the street. The other week I called my favorite officer about a suspicious looking car that was parked across the street; and he took down all the available information. Just the other day I was out front talking to Neighbor when my favorite officer pulled up. We chatted and I complimented him on the great job I saw them doing in town to stop drunk drivers and speeders over the Thanksgiving Holiday. He then informed me that they had arrested the guy I'd phoned in about the week prior--some woman phoned in that she'd spotted him smoking weed in the park and they were able to catch him in the act.


When the officer left, Neighbor said, "I wouldn't let him know where I live." I said, "Well, I prefer he knows who I am, just in case I need some help."


Yesterday Sir and I were leaving his Godparent's house (which is around the corner). Thank God I'd driven because it was dark when we left. I looked out and saw the boys in blue searching through all the neighbor's backyards. Come to find out, someone had just robbed one of our neighbors and had tried to rob another (and these are neighbors we know).

My point? I don't sit and wait for shit to go wrong. I don't call the cops to rat folks out, I call the cops to keep my family and my neighbors safe. And as much as I love Neighbor, she is ignorant as to how important it is that the police know us and receive our help in protecting us. We live in this neighborhood and we know it best. We can be better protected by being able to supply these officers with what they need to catch criminals.

FYI: If you call the cops and make an anonymous call and they get to the so-called scene of the crime and don't see anything going down, they don't have a right to arrest anyone. You have to give your name. Withholding that information doesn't do anyone you care about any good.

Second FYI: The internet is packed with videos showing people how to pop locks--I just saw it on the news yesterday.

I'm not the baddest chick (I wanted to put the B word there), but I will not sit, afraid, in my home as some punks ruin a beautiful neighborhood. Yes, I am thankful for the work the Police Department does, but my neighborhood is as quiet, friendly and nice as it is because we work hard to keep it that way. It takes work. And sometimes you've got to put your fears aside to lookout for yourself and those you love.

Miss Nikki Ann

Dr. Oz Update

Another great show with the Doc. Again he spoke about how an optimal waistline measurement is 32.5 inches for women and 35 for men; or, you can determine your ideal waistline figure by dividing your height in half.

I'm 5 feet 5 inches
5 feet x 12 = 60 inches + 5 inches = 65 inches
65 / 2 = 32.5 inches optimal waistline measurement

Easy enough, right? I love how Dr. Oz makes information clear and easy to use. And I really love how he's not just into prescribing things, he wants what you put into your body, and how you treat it, to do the healing for you. Here's to Dr. Oz and finding out more and more about how our bodies function for us. Genius.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Man Up The Street Update

Yup, another Man Up The Street spotting, but with a twist. Yes, I have seen him on the streets, but this spotting was on TELEVISION--The People's Court, to be exact. He was on there with that girlfriend I told you all about. Actually, she's now his ex-girlfriend. And I learned way more about them than I needed to know (like how she's had a hysterectomy). Man Up The Street was claiming that when he did his last stint in prison, the ex-girlfriend was supposed to take care of his outside business. He receives disability and wanted her to pay his bills with that money. He claimed that she'd stolen over $2,000 of that money. She claimed that she did as she was told to do with it and had kept a written record of all transactions. She also claimed abuse by both the hands of Man Up The Street and his 16-year-old son (and she had police reports to prove it). He stated, "Your Honor, I didn't know we was having problem until now." Um, excuse me Man Up The Street, you've been abusing this woman and lazying around on her couch (as she called it); and you didn't think y'all were having problems. For real? Un-huh. Man Up The Street... **Nikki sighs** Okay, The People's Court is filmed in New York, so he went out of state to lose this case when he could have stayed home (away from TV Land) and lost with dignity. Now e'erybody knows his business. I knew he was on TV because Neighbor rang my phone and told me to turn the channel. I was so excited that I packed Sir up (hair uncombed and all) and went across the street to view it with them. Man Up The Street. Other information that the judge got from him was that he'd been arrested for DUI 8 times. The judge pondered as to why they kept letting him go from prison early. And after his last stint, he was released under the care of the ex-girlfriend. Now why would she let this dude come back to her place? Especially when she told the judge that after she'd had her hysterectomy, he'd threatened to kick her in her stomach. What? Maybe a month ago Man Up The Street and Sir had the kindest and most gentle moment when they'd spotted a rabbit in his mother's yard and he proceeded to show Sir its beauty. **Nikki Ann shakes her head** Anywho, Miss Nikki Ann must go. I've talked enough about Man Up The Street. Latas!


“And if your friend does evil to you, say to him, 'I forgive you for what you did to me, but how can I forgive you for what you did to yourself?'”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

2,281 Sundays To Go

Dr. Oz...

Will be on Oprah today. He's the guy whom I got the information from about the body's four needs. I can't wait to hear what he's talking about today.

The book is coming along; it has now been edited down from 400 pages to 215 pages. And I am now editing page number 110 of 215. I'm almost there! At this point, it's about getting it done. Phew! Thanks to Kimani and Paul for keepin' it real with me; I focus on your words of wisdom as I near my deadline.

Thanksgiving was great. Shout out to my cousins, Wallace and Gia, for the invite. Sir had a great time--twice he was caught playing in the toilet.

Some funny stuff is happening to me. And I'd like to thank LuCiana and Crystal for laughing with me along the way! And, also, Paul for laughing at me.

Ang--I hope your computer issue is resolved.

Let's keep it moving y'all. Our dreams are in arms reach; we just gotta keep reaching!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Four Things The Body Needs...





**Nikki Ann clears her throat. She's about to get personal.**

So I'm missing one of the things from that list.

Love Youz Guys!

Miss Nikki Ann

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Healthful Reminder

Fall is here and winter is coming. During the summer, it is easy to remember to drink water when your body is craving and needing it the most. But during these colder seasons, when we're not sweating as much, or, sometimes, not exerting as much energy, we have a tendency to forget to drink water. So please watch your water intake. You may not need to drink as much as you did in the summer months, but you still need a good amount to run on.

I love to drink my water hot, warm or at room temperature all year long. But winter is a great time to drink it that way, when it's so cold that drinking colder water can be a turn off.

And let's not forget our fresh, uncooked fruits and veggies, another thing that we tend to not consume lots of during colder months.

Here's to our health!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2,282 Sundays To Go

Forgot to post it!

Come To Find Out...

Sir's playgroup teacher is friends with an ex-therapist of the 22-year-old stabber. The therapist reported that the stabber is indeed mentally unstable. The therapist voiced that she knew that the stabber could be capable of harming someone. When the therapist spoke of the stabber, she to referred to her as a friend.

My point: Even those whom we judge as evil or crazy have, at one point in time, shown a side of themselves that would make someone call them a friend. The stabber is just a woman. A woman who obviously had a past that led her to her current situation and condition. Maybe she was raped or molested as a child, maybe abandoned. Maybe her parents were abusive. Whatever it was, at one point in time, this crazy woman was a whole and sane being.

My other point: If we could only help folks before situations go this far.

How to help? My belief is that we were all born with a purpose. Along with that purpose, we were given talents to help execute the tasks that we need to accomplish to fulfill our purpose. We all have a common, running theme to our reason for being here: Reconnecting to who we truly are. And we do that by using our talents to help others. By helping others, we remember who we are.

The stabber is a woman who is lost and can't find her way home. And how easy it is for any person to lose themselves--just think about your life path.

Miss Nikki Ann

Monday, November 20, 2006


Okay, so, allegedly a 22-year-old woman stabbed her 3 children (2-year-old twins and a 7-month-old baby). The children are alive but remain in the hospital.

Here's my issue, her children's grandmother (the children's father's mother) stated: "They're saying that she's crazy. She's not crazy. She knows what she did and she called and told people what she did."

Um, pardon my silly insight here, but any humanbeing that can stab their children is what one might call, for lack of a more accurate word, crazy. And if she is crazy, why hadn't anyone sought her any help. Her public defender said that she has a history of mental health problems and has been a repeated victim of domestic violence. So it is clear that she has issues.

The grandmother stated: "My son never hit her, not even once. I raised him with good moral values and he would never do something like that. She is the abuser. She used to hit him and the children."

Okay, maybe she did beat on this man and their children. But, I don't know of one guy who'll sit around and just take a beating without dishing out a can of whoop-ass himself. I'm pretty sure he hit her as well. And if all these folks knew the kids were being physically abused, why hadn't they reported this ill woman? The courts and the police officers stated that they don't have any records of any abuse or calls for help to the couple's home in the past year. But there have been reports that postpartum depression may have been a factor in the alleged crime.

*Nikki sighs*

People, we have to take care of new moms. Being a new mother is a very fragile and delicate position--hormones are out of wack, can't get enough sleep, can't get enough support from a significant other...

Also, let's not assume that we know what's going on in somebody else's home (i.e. the grandmother's assumption that her son is a perfect angel).

Sometimes we're too angry to see the truth--anger/fear will never lead us there.

Let's not be so quick to judge. I often find myself understanding how people snap. All it takes is a moment to completely loose it and fall apart. I am never shocked by violence, just saddened by it. Saddened by the fact that we humans have a long path ahead of us. Sad that we're not evolving at a faster pace. Sad that women's issues (like postpartum) are still being treated as non-issues.

Try to lend a hand to a mother in need. I don't care if she's a married mom, teenage mom, single mom, mom of 3 kids... Help and understanding might have prevented this incident from happening.

Tid bit: The photos posted of this young mother are so heart wrenching. You can view the photos and more of her story at: The story's title is: Mom Accused Of Stabbing Children Appears In Court.

I'm out!


I am aware that I am great. I am aware that I am great because I was born.
Do you know how great you are?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Entertainment Update

Okay, the truth? I am looking forward to all of the news coverage of the TomKat wedding. I think Katie Holmes is a genuine sweetheart. And Tom Cruise... Ya' gotta love Tom--unless you're Brooke Shields.

If anyone finds any cool web pictures of the event, please do email them to me.


I'm here and I haven't forgotten about you all. I do stop in, but then, the thoughts I want to write down are a little too long for the little amount of time I have to post. I'm spending each night editing my novel, and thanks to someone, I've had to set a stricter finish date; which means all my extra time is consumbed by writing. For those people I usually communicate with by phone, I'll chat with y'all when I'm done.

Anywho, lots of you have significant things happening in your lives. And I feel blessed that many of you find that I'm a great friend and confidant; hopefully it means I'm doing something right. I love hearing about your lives, and it helps to make me a more well-rounded and understanding person.


Congrats to those who've had big accomplishments. And here is a burst of "GOD-GIVEN STRENGTH" for those who are struggling with some things. In the end, and after some time and hardwork, our struggles become our accomplishments.

I love y'all...and I pray that you still love me!

Miss Nikki Ann

Monday, November 13, 2006

2,283 Sundays To Go

Seventy-five, here I come!

Two Special Celebrations In One

Happy Birthday Gianetta!
Happy First Anniversary to both you and Wallace!
Yesterday we ate Gia and Wallace's year-old wedding cake. Woo! It tasted just as fresh, moist and delicious as it did last year. And Sir thought it was good, too.
I wanted to post pictures, but I'm still not working from my computer.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gerald Levert Dies at age 40

For those who are against swearing, please move on now. I am about to have a super "sista' gurl" moment...

Aw shit! Hell-to-the nawh, Gerald. Naw, Gerald...Naw!

I'm gonna miss that big, chocolate hunk of a man. I never thought he got enough recognition for his talents. Here was a man who's voice could melt like milk chocolate, but all these non-singers were at the top of the charts for making "cookie cutter" songs, with matching hooks.

Damn, Gerald!

Aunt Theldra says: Goodbye, Man!

Gerald, Gerald, Gerald.

This is as tough to handle as Marvin Gaye's death.


My God!

"Baby I'm ready, to give you all of my love."

Sing it Gerald.

"Baby not just a little bit, I want to give you all of it."


"All my kisses belong to you.....
Take my heart in your hand....
And do whatever you want to do with it baby...
My love, my love, my love, my love...
Goes deeper than the eyes can see.
I made mistakes before, but won't you please forgive me...
Baby I'm ready, to give you all of my love..."

R&B star Gerald Levert dies at 40

The singer, who was the son of O'Jays vocalist Eddie Levert, first found fame with the R&B trio LeVert, and scored a UK top 10 single with Casanova in 1987.

He also recorded as a solo artist, and worked with soul legends such as Anita Baker, Barry White and Patti LaBelle.

"Nobody was prepared for this," said LaBelle. "It's not for real to me that he is gone."
LaBelle, who said Levert was "like a son" to her, added that she hoped to perform at the singer's funeral.

Pop royalty

Levert was born in Philadelphia, and often accompanied his father on tour.

He set up his first band in 1986 with brother Sean and childhood friend Marc Gordon, naming it LeVert.

The trio were particularly successful in the US, scoring two gold albums in 1987 and 1988 before Levert left to pursue a solo career.

In 1992, he had an unexpected number one R&B hit, Baby Hold On To Me, with his father, which led to an entire album of duets, Father And Son, in 1995.

Levert also received a Grammy nomination for writing Barry White's comeback single, Practice What You Preach, in 1994.

"He was one of the greatest voices of our time, who sang with unmatched soulfulness and power," said record company Atlantic in a press statement.

"It's very sad," his friend and fellow R&B singer Will Downing told the Associated Press. "Gerald was a hard worker... He would touch the people, and that's really what it's all about."

Levert's family, including his four children, released a statement asking for privacy "at this very difficult time".

--BBC News

Sir Isom's A Big Boy Now

It's official! As of yesterday, November 10th, Sir is now One AND a Half Years Young!
There's only six more months until the big day.
Lilypie 2nd Birthday PicLilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Some of us (I'm one of 'em), not all, treat food as if it's gonna run out tomorrow.
So far, I've never gone hungry.
On days when I say, "There's nothing here to eat," there's usually a kitchen full of stuff.
Why do sweets have to be so delicious?
Why do restaurants serve such huge portions?
Why is fast food so addictive?
Why are these "dine-in" restaurants nothing but expensive fast food?
Why is it so hard to just skip the bread?
Why won't these restaurants pay the servers what they're worth so that folks won't have to tip?
Burger King?
That's not food!
Greasy diner food?
Okay, that's food!
Carrots, broccoli, avocado, eggplant, spaghetti squash, sauteed shrimp, flame broiled chicken.
Hot dog, hamburgers, greasy fries, extra mayonnaise...
Tonight I'm having fried fish, hush puppies and much more.
Whatever I'm eating, I try and eat it with a smile on my face.
Hooray for FOOD!

Buried In A Book...

My Book!
Trying to finish the editing process before I'm 75. Hey, I don't have but 2,284 Sundays to go!
So I spend my nights chopping, inserting, reading, reading and reading.
No phonecalls to friends at night.
No TV.
No late night snacking.
No kickin' it.
Just editing.
I promised I'd finish this, and dog's foot, I will.
That "dog's foot" was a "damnit", but then I changed it. Trying to tone potty-mouth down just a bit. Don't want to overdo it, though. A swear word here or there releases so much stress.

A Special Day...

For a woman who's smart, beautiful and witty.

I forgive you for making me take Sir house hunting when I felt like crap. LOL! And my ego hates to admit it, but, the carride did lift my spirits.

Happy Birthday Thembi!

Monday, November 06, 2006

A New Favorite

My list of favorite movies has always been short, nothing had been added for years:

School Daze
What Dreams May Come
Kama Sutra


Now I have another movie to add to my short list:

Lackawanna Blues

To me, a favorite movie is one that you watch over and over again without getting tired of it. All the movies I've listed I've seen dozens of times. And now I'm looking forward to viewing Lackawanna Blues until Hil Harper falls off the screen and into my lap.

Divine Dichotomy

I am selfish and giving...

I tell you about my life in order to heal myself.

In healing myself, I help to heal others.

In helping to heal others, they help to heal others.

Those others may be helping to heal some others.

And in this cycle, you, or one of those others, will also help to heal me.

I am selfish...

I am giving...

The Divine Dichotomy.

The Allen Chapel Episode

Rev. Greer was preaching a great sermon.

Sir scarred Mrs. Greer by stuffing an entire cookie into his tiny mouth.

After the scare, Sir played nicely up until Communion time.

During Communion, I had to chase Sir down the aisle and to the back of the church where he yelled and screamed to the top of his lungs, while rolling on the floor.

Sir's fit went on for a very long time.

Eventually, his Auntie Crystal had to take him out of church so that I could take Communion in peace.

At the close of service, a sweet West Indian woman said to me: "Just stay the course. He's so tiny, he doesn't want to sit still. But if you just stay the course, it will work out. Don't leave when he acts out... JUST STAY THE COURSE."

Sir refused to speak to me on the car ride home. I asked him not to be mad at me.

Once we neared our neighborhood, I asked: "You want to see Mother Superior and Pop Pop?" To which he replied, over and over: "Pop Pop...Pop Pop..." His speech was slow and his voice, sullen.

Upon arriving at his godparent's, Pop Pop was not there, but Mother Superior was home, cooking what looked like a fantastic Sunday dinner.

As soon as he walked into the house, he lit up.

He played with Uncle Tony and began doing his favorite thing, begging for snacks.

That's my Sir!

2,284 Sundays To Go

Where are you on your count?

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Sometimes we use words to consciously or unconsciously steal someone else's energy. At times I've used my timidness as a tool to gauge whether the words I am about to speak are out of fear or love. Am I saying something because I'm trying to protect myself? Am I trying to hurt the other person? The words I'm about to say, do they need to be spoken?

Words. Mere utterances of the heart.

Words. Can be used to hurt or heal.

Words. Sometimes are best left unsaid.

ACTIONS. Sometimes can speak louder than words, but it's important to know the person's truth behind their actions.

The bully who threatens a kid doesn't hate him, he's jealous of him.

A best friend who gossips about you doesn't hate you, he's jealous of you.

A boss who abuses his authority doesn't hate his workers, he's afraid they'll realize that he doesn't know anymore than they do.

Most of us aren't monsters, we're just human beings who are trying to protect ourselves by hurting others before they can hurt us, or before they realize that we're only human.

And that's just my truth for today. Hey, tomorrow may be different.

Miss Nikki Ann

Is It Lunch Time Yet?

I'm just curious as to what everyone is having for lunch; I have yet to decide. Maybe I'll steal your ideas.

More on lunch:

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I didn't see the girls in the park today. I'm hoping they'll come around this week.

As for Halloween, it was great. My mom was able to get Sir into his costume TWICE. First we went to playgroup and he had so much fun with his friends. When we went to leave playgroup, I thought it was a tad bit too warm outside for the hot pumpkin costume. When I tried to take it off him, he threw a fit! I couldn't believe he wanted to keep it on after everything he'd put me through. And can I say that the snacks at his playgroup were extra special on Halloween. Karen and I stood by the assorted goodies and ate EVERY piece of pastry that we could. Yummy!

Later he went trick-or-treating and afterwards he went to the Fall Harvest party at the church. And guess what? We didn't leave the party until after 8--I tell ya', Sir was a lucky little boy. Thank God I'd already given him his bath before going out, just in case something like that were to happen. His Godparents gave him a Halloween gift bag instead of candy (I sooooooo appreciated that, cause boy did he get enough at the Harvest party).

I'm tired. This morning I stirred from my sleep at 1 a.m. to go to the bathroom and couldn't fall back to sleep. I sent Paul a text message, hoping he'd be up...He was. I was happy to have someone to chat with. Then I didn't ball back to sleep until after 2, which isn't healthy for me.

Good night!