Thursday, November 02, 2006


Sometimes we use words to consciously or unconsciously steal someone else's energy. At times I've used my timidness as a tool to gauge whether the words I am about to speak are out of fear or love. Am I saying something because I'm trying to protect myself? Am I trying to hurt the other person? The words I'm about to say, do they need to be spoken?

Words. Mere utterances of the heart.

Words. Can be used to hurt or heal.

Words. Sometimes are best left unsaid.

ACTIONS. Sometimes can speak louder than words, but it's important to know the person's truth behind their actions.

The bully who threatens a kid doesn't hate him, he's jealous of him.

A best friend who gossips about you doesn't hate you, he's jealous of you.

A boss who abuses his authority doesn't hate his workers, he's afraid they'll realize that he doesn't know anymore than they do.

Most of us aren't monsters, we're just human beings who are trying to protect ourselves by hurting others before they can hurt us, or before they realize that we're only human.

And that's just my truth for today. Hey, tomorrow may be different.

Miss Nikki Ann