Monday, November 20, 2006


Okay, so, allegedly a 22-year-old woman stabbed her 3 children (2-year-old twins and a 7-month-old baby). The children are alive but remain in the hospital.

Here's my issue, her children's grandmother (the children's father's mother) stated: "They're saying that she's crazy. She's not crazy. She knows what she did and she called and told people what she did."

Um, pardon my silly insight here, but any humanbeing that can stab their children is what one might call, for lack of a more accurate word, crazy. And if she is crazy, why hadn't anyone sought her any help. Her public defender said that she has a history of mental health problems and has been a repeated victim of domestic violence. So it is clear that she has issues.

The grandmother stated: "My son never hit her, not even once. I raised him with good moral values and he would never do something like that. She is the abuser. She used to hit him and the children."

Okay, maybe she did beat on this man and their children. But, I don't know of one guy who'll sit around and just take a beating without dishing out a can of whoop-ass himself. I'm pretty sure he hit her as well. And if all these folks knew the kids were being physically abused, why hadn't they reported this ill woman? The courts and the police officers stated that they don't have any records of any abuse or calls for help to the couple's home in the past year. But there have been reports that postpartum depression may have been a factor in the alleged crime.

*Nikki sighs*

People, we have to take care of new moms. Being a new mother is a very fragile and delicate position--hormones are out of wack, can't get enough sleep, can't get enough support from a significant other...

Also, let's not assume that we know what's going on in somebody else's home (i.e. the grandmother's assumption that her son is a perfect angel).

Sometimes we're too angry to see the truth--anger/fear will never lead us there.

Let's not be so quick to judge. I often find myself understanding how people snap. All it takes is a moment to completely loose it and fall apart. I am never shocked by violence, just saddened by it. Saddened by the fact that we humans have a long path ahead of us. Sad that we're not evolving at a faster pace. Sad that women's issues (like postpartum) are still being treated as non-issues.

Try to lend a hand to a mother in need. I don't care if she's a married mom, teenage mom, single mom, mom of 3 kids... Help and understanding might have prevented this incident from happening.

Tid bit: The photos posted of this young mother are so heart wrenching. You can view the photos and more of her story at: The story's title is: Mom Accused Of Stabbing Children Appears In Court.

I'm out!