Saturday, November 18, 2006


I'm here and I haven't forgotten about you all. I do stop in, but then, the thoughts I want to write down are a little too long for the little amount of time I have to post. I'm spending each night editing my novel, and thanks to someone, I've had to set a stricter finish date; which means all my extra time is consumbed by writing. For those people I usually communicate with by phone, I'll chat with y'all when I'm done.

Anywho, lots of you have significant things happening in your lives. And I feel blessed that many of you find that I'm a great friend and confidant; hopefully it means I'm doing something right. I love hearing about your lives, and it helps to make me a more well-rounded and understanding person.


Congrats to those who've had big accomplishments. And here is a burst of "GOD-GIVEN STRENGTH" for those who are struggling with some things. In the end, and after some time and hardwork, our struggles become our accomplishments.

I love y'all...and I pray that you still love me!

Miss Nikki Ann