Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dr. Oz...

Will be on Oprah today. He's the guy whom I got the information from about the body's four needs. I can't wait to hear what he's talking about today.

The book is coming along; it has now been edited down from 400 pages to 215 pages. And I am now editing page number 110 of 215. I'm almost there! At this point, it's about getting it done. Phew! Thanks to Kimani and Paul for keepin' it real with me; I focus on your words of wisdom as I near my deadline.

Thanksgiving was great. Shout out to my cousins, Wallace and Gia, for the invite. Sir had a great time--twice he was caught playing in the toilet.

Some funny stuff is happening to me. And I'd like to thank LuCiana and Crystal for laughing with me along the way! And, also, Paul for laughing at me.

Ang--I hope your computer issue is resolved.

Let's keep it moving y'all. Our dreams are in arms reach; we just gotta keep reaching!