Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Come To Find Out...

Sir's playgroup teacher is friends with an ex-therapist of the 22-year-old stabber. The therapist reported that the stabber is indeed mentally unstable. The therapist voiced that she knew that the stabber could be capable of harming someone. When the therapist spoke of the stabber, she to referred to her as a friend.

My point: Even those whom we judge as evil or crazy have, at one point in time, shown a side of themselves that would make someone call them a friend. The stabber is just a woman. A woman who obviously had a past that led her to her current situation and condition. Maybe she was raped or molested as a child, maybe abandoned. Maybe her parents were abusive. Whatever it was, at one point in time, this crazy woman was a whole and sane being.

My other point: If we could only help folks before situations go this far.

How to help? My belief is that we were all born with a purpose. Along with that purpose, we were given talents to help execute the tasks that we need to accomplish to fulfill our purpose. We all have a common, running theme to our reason for being here: Reconnecting to who we truly are. And we do that by using our talents to help others. By helping others, we remember who we are.

The stabber is a woman who is lost and can't find her way home. And how easy it is for any person to lose themselves--just think about your life path.

Miss Nikki Ann