Friday, May 31, 2013

For Those Who Have Emailed Me

First:  Thank You!  Since removing the comments option from the blog (which I decided lacked intimacy and mutual privacy); I have received lots of personal emails (you too can email me at  My readers are openly writing me about their lives and struggles.  I never imagined that anyone would actually take me on my word and contact me by email.

Now to the point of this post.  My goal is always to answer each email.  The problem with this lofty goal is that it does not take into account that I am a chronically ill single mom who's homeschooling her child (can you say "stressed?").  I am barely able to fill the job requirements of motherhood, being chronically/progrssively ill and homeschooling teacher.  And lots of days (every week!) I can only fill one: being ill.

Though I am eager to answer all of you, it may take some time.  But do know that eventually I do respond to all emails.

Thank you for sharing your life and stories with me.
I am holding a stressed-out stress ball.