Monday, March 26, 2012

My Creative and Meditative Truth

Today I listened to this while doing my daily writing.  I often listen to Mooji and write at the same time.  In the end, the writing becomes more of a releasing-until-I am-facing-the-void process, than one where I am actively seeking some self-imposed and forced creative outcome.  Because that's too easy.  

We are creatures.  

We create.  

It's just that some do so without recognizing it for the innate/unavoidable thing that it is.  

So when writing turns into more of a meditative state, it feels like a such blessing.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Now it all makes sense, right?  No?  Then click the above icon for me.

I'm Just Gonna Do It Because...

I Declare World Peace.


Readings of "No More Tears" By YouTube's DysautonomiaMD (performed by @DysautonomicOne)

What Dysautonomia Looks Like

I know this wonderful woman.  And guess what?  She is a medical DOCTOR.  And guess what?  Despite that fact, she received the same bad medical and psychological treatment that most dysautonomics face on their journey.  Sad that a documented illness is unknown by the majority of those in the healthcare field.  Help us to end the ignorance.  Many of us are dying while doctors sit around scratching their heads, or more commonly, throwing in the towel.  Guess what Elvis died of?  He had dysautonomia and died from a typical complication that goes with it.  You can also add Tammy Wynette to that list and most recently Brittney Murphy.  And then there are my internet friends: gone.  Help us.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sex After Kids: a possible movie in the making...

I like the idea behind this film.  And if I had money (I don't), I'd use it to back this film.  But maybe you have money (I don't).  And if you do have money (I don't), I think it would be a worthwhile investment for you, since you have money (I don't).  Cool.

View the trailer...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Looks Around Her Blog...

Life is strange.  I never know why most of my visitors are visiting my blog.  I do know I have a handful who have been reading it since 2006, beyond that, the reasoning behind the things my viewers and subscribers click on are outside of my understanding.  It would be hard for me to take a whole lot of credit for most of what is happening on this blog in the last year or two; things on the interwebs are odd: lots of re-blogging/re-vlogging/re-posting/rehashing of information.  And I do not want to give the wrong impression; I am not against any of these things, and do them simply because I, too, enjoy doing so.  But the fact is that my enjoyment of it has grown my "viewership," which is totally different than readership.  

See, I go to people's blogs to read, not really to view vlogs--I save that experience for YouTube, which I am on lots.  But blogs I am fond of because of the fact that I get "to read," and have always enjoyed doing so.  I have a Tumblr, but find it hard to keep up there because it is mostly about rehashing (which is fun!) pictures.  After I've had my fill of food porn and cute animals, my interest wanes and I find myself checking my email for updates from people's blogs or hitting up Twitter or YouTube for more personable exchanges and intimate world news.  

And that's all any of it is: exchange.  

And like with anything else we humans enjoy, we all have our preferences.  And if that preference leads someone to my page, then I am willing to roll out the red carpet.

So, hello to my newer "viewers" and my throw-back readers!

Welcome to MissNikkiAnn's House! 

Friday, March 09, 2012

MNA: The Voices of Dysautonomia (newsletter, 2nd issue)

The second issue is now available, please enter your email to subscribe or visit the following link for more information:

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