Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This 10 seconds by @MyHarto just made my day.

Watch "Happy Leap Year, 2012!" on YouTube by @MyHarto.

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MissNikkiAnn’s @Klout: FOX VIP Swag

I must admit, because of this perk, I became a “New Girl” sitcom fan.  I am not a television watcher, and would have never known about this show without Klout and FOX VIP bringing the experience right to me.  Now I Tivo it and transfer the show to my laptop to watch at my leisure.

And the best part was receiving freebies throughout the Perk.  My favorite was the “New Girl” swag, which consisted of a t-shirt, fake nerdy glasses and a little carrying tote that caught the eye of many people this past summer (as did the shirt)—go figure!

These are pictures from my FOX VIP Klout Perk. 




MNA: The Voices of Dysautonomia Newsletter

I enjoy sharing my humanity through whatever talents I am lucky enough to have.  And with that being said, I present to you various highlights of those living with or dealing with Dysautonomia and its various syndromes, disorders and symptoms.  Hear the myriad of voices of those overcoming difficulties of chronic illness and invisible disability, like me! 

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Huh? No Pink Light? But it's my favorite color!

Watch "There is no pink light" on YouTube

What I love most (more than my own son!) does not exist.  Now that's some bullshyt!

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How Far Away Is Tomorrow? Let's See!

Watch "Distance and Special Relativity: How far away is tomorrow?" on YouTube

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What Are Leap Years?

Have a look and listen!  Don't worry, it's short, packed with scientific information, but right to the point.  Straight.  No chaser.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

MissNikkiAnn a.k.a. MNA...Catchup! (@dzakyem)

Dzakye is a dear friend of mine.  His thoughtfulness brings delight to my heart and laughter to my failing body.  Our friendship is a representation of a higher potential for technology and humane communication across invisible lines and barriers.  A Swiss interacting with an African American...  There is no boundary nor distance that love cannot overcome.

"Be good.

Be patient.

Be in the moment.

Be in possession of an awesome Swiss friend."


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The Misadventure of MNA: I Hate Hospitals

I spend way too much time at hospitals and doctor appointments.  Tuesday through Friday are designated hospital and doctor days.  Thursdays I am in the hospital all day.  Tuesdays are ALWAYS double-booked with doctor appointments; and so are half of my Wednesdays.  So imagine my horror yesterday when I was in the hospital for my weekly infusion, only to wake from a wee nap to find out that I was being carted over to the emergency room. 

From what I understand, my nurse got nervous after having given me a big gallon enema that NEVER came out.  I am used to enemas entering into the land of no return; I'd told my doctors and nurses about how, when I do them at home, they NEVER come out, and that if the do, it'll be 24-hours later.  I guessed no one believed they panicked when witnessing it happen.

In the emergency room, I was given another bottle of magnesium citrate (cause I'd already had my two helpings of Miralax that morning, and my other helping of an entire bottle of magnesium citrate the day before. I've been alternating the two laxatives for two weeks without relief.) and another gallon enema.  Guess what?  No shit.  And by this point I'm getting sicker and sicker because I was in need of the infusion that had ended abruptly.

Two doctors wanted me admitted.  Another doctor was a straight ass.  Guess who got to assume power over the situation?  The ass.

I will say no more.

"Be good.

Be patient.

Be in the moment.

Don't Be An Ass."



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Saturday, February 11, 2012

We Are All Waiting, Too

A long sigh...

All I know is that she finally exhaled.

And one day each one of us will follow.


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Damn Quotable

Four simple words can say so much...

"Your government is stupid." ~Chip Tatum

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