Saturday, April 14, 2012

Terence McKenna, my good people, Terence McKenna.

His words always awaken and stir something within my human body.  Something that doesn't require my mind to go about thinking.  Something that is innately, quietly, and mutually understood by those whom it resonates with.

And his words appear to create and navigate waters that are upon us.  Each of us is helping to chart the way.  The things we discover, eventually unfolding the revelation that the next undiscovered discovery is but a short creation away.  Spirit waiting to fulfill its eternal journeying.

And that is the fear, that the creation never began and will never end.  The fear that grips us, causing hysteria, panic and discombobulating mental states.  We are out of control of a thing that is uncontrollable, trying to imprison that which is free.

And yet, the Soul feels no one way about it.  It just Is.  Always has been and always will be.

Be good.

Be patient.

Be ye not in control.

But be ye at peace within the uncontrollable.

And be ye in the awareness that it has ALWAYS been this way.


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