Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Mooji: Falling in Love...With Self-Contemplation

My favorite part is at about 00:19:00 (19 minutes in) when he says:  

"I don't believe anybody, actually. Everybody tells lies. It's just not true. We make things up all the time and present them as if they are profound truths. And then, oh god!, pay lots of money for somebody to tell you 'oh dear, you have a terrible problem, you have got the biggest problem in the world, dear!'. We make a lot of things up and then we believe them into existence and suffer from the thing we give so much importance to. Peace, joy, silence is the easiest thing for you, but it's just not appealing because we have such a fascination with a roller-coaster existence." 

Then Mooji gives a hearty laugh; the kind of laugh that proceeds offertory wisdom but precedes the human existence, "the cosmic giggle," as Terence McKenna used say. 

I love it!