Monday, April 02, 2012

Ain't It The Truth, Ruth!: "Minister Farrakhan - 3 Things To Never Teach Black People"

And I must say...massah did a guud job not teachin nuffin.

But glory be to the great "I Am" (God)...if our compassion were worth its weight in gold...

As I always tell my friends in confidence: 
"You don't have to worry much about the black man; he don't pump fear in anyone but his own people, for he reaches not far from home to steal and rob what he needs.  The one to watch is the friendly corporate man adorned in what appears to be neutral clothing and air. Him. He be the one. Watch for him, for even in your slumber, he is coming for you. Always.  And he's a cannibal, eats the flesh of his own--ask 'middle class' America about him...they're learning what we niggas already knew..."
~MissNikkiAnn, from me to my readers, in quiet and honest confidence