Friday, October 28, 2011

@OccupyHartford's EMERGENCY GA, Protect camp for upcoming heavy snow

This is New England, and so the snow is on its way again (yup, already snowed yesterday).  For those who are capable, please help with the effort to keep the overnight occupiers safe and warm.  There is an Emergency General Assembly meeting tonight, and the snow preparations will begin (even though it's always been in the works) tomorrow.

Click the link for more information: EMERGENCY GA -- Protect camp for upcoming heavy snow

Well Said...

A concept without any belief has no power.  A concept with belief can start a war or begin to bring healing to a nation.  
*Image: Swatch by MissNikkiAnn

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy Hartford Committee Meetings (cc: @OccupyHartford)

Just got out of the hospital and am on my way to a Occupy Hartford committee meeting.  No matter what my physical limitations, I try to give my best (or what little energy I have) to this cause.

Be in the know:


"Be good.
Be patient.
Be in the moment."


This Is America, by my old Twitter friend @RonaldLewis

This is America by RonaldLewis


In solidarity with Occupy Hartford.

On Thursday, Oct 27 at 2PM students and faculty members of many area colleges and universities will be joining Occupy Hartford for a special walkout in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement.  All will meet at Turning Point Park/Occupy Hartford for a rally, food and music.
  • RALLY and MARCH !!!
Uconn, UHa, Trinity, Wesleyan, CCSU, ECSU, and more will be participating in this event.  For more information and to RSVP, click here.

Great reading of Occupy Wall Street's General Assembly's Grievances (cc: @OccupyHartford)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mooji Live 10232011

Video streaming by Ustream "I don't have a life, I AM life. You, we, I, us, we are life. And this knowledge will not harm you, it will set you free." ~Mooji

This is what being at @OccupyHartford's occupation site feels like!

When Truth and Art Converge by @Dzakyem and @MissNikkiAnn

Below is an artistic audio reading of the post, which is below the Audioboo, I posted on Google+ yesterday.  My dear friend Dzakye from Switzerland is an amazing talent.  You can listen as you read along.

"Google finally barked at me about my name. Ain't that some shyt? I over the pedophiles, why don'tcha. I have a kid. I am a woman who was molested from ages 4 to 9. Do you think I am foolish enough to allow another possibly trauma to occur? Mama didn't raise no fool. 

Google, I really like your products, always have, even have an Android phone. But the day you think you are putting the well-being of me and my family out on Front Street is the day you are officially and finally WRONG. 

Even my nosy government allows for certain protections (try getting something out of a patient's file at a doctor's office or hospital, HIPPA for that azz!) 

Don't you know why phone books lost their luster? People are FINALLY wise enough not to divulge that type of information. Yeah, I know that information is easily searchable on the web nowadays, but the wise among us are working on fixing that atrocity, too, for the sake and safety of the collective society--especially for the vulnerable children of the world. 

And one more thing, I am a paying customer. I buy your products, doesn't that warrant some sort of investment and say in how you handle MY personal information. 

Don't you feel any compassion for your customers? And if compassion is too much to ask for, how about Customer Service? 

Who are you serving? The pedophiles, rapists and serial killers, always happy to find a service that offers its users up for grabs by way of personal information. 

Or do you serve the customer? The people who pay you and trust you to be "humane" enough to know that your requests for this information make us susceptible to irreparable damage, and on its worse day, makes you just like Facebook (and please know, I've never had a Facebook account for these reasons, it was a wise choice). 

So, what's in a name? A hell of a lot! 


Click here to see the original Google+ post and thread:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

In My Own Words: Sustainable Greatness

Mooji is speaking about how he is not an entertainer.  How he has not come to entertain.  He was willing to let go if what he was giving was not being asked for.  And did not my beloved Jesus Christ do the same?  He did not beg for the people to come to hear his truths.  The people knew that they should come and present him with the questions or the hunger to be fed.  

It is not vanity that leads such a thing.  It is the truth, and it is not as colorful as all the other falsehoods and illusions that the physical experience dangles in our faces around the clock.  And it is okay.  There are many levels to experiencing.  

But then there comes a call, a call that we feel compelled to answer.  And the call is unlike any call we have ever heard before.  And we move forward.  Not understanding that which we have nearly unconsciously accepted.  

And when we arrive, and we get a taste, we revel in its awesome perfection.  And we are not used to sustained peace.  And we turn back to that which has been familiar.  Yet...but yet...the call continues to come.  And we are afraid of finding our way to sustaining the original encounter, not knowing that there is nothing to be done, but just be.  To leave all original ideas at the door, and just enter.  It is our most natural Self that awaits.  There is nothing to fear.  Only the idea that we are not good enough to embody this greatness.  

But I tell you, you are only the greatness, and the other experiences are only allowed through the Greatness that gives grace and mercy to the human experience.  The Greatness knows that all is okay.  And since you are of that Greatness, you live the human experience, doing things that somehow you know are okay, even during your moments of intense doubt.  For nothing is allowed that Greatness would not allow.  And Greatness is all.

~MissNikkiAnn, an excerpt from my, October 22, 2011, journal entry

MissNikkiAnn Is Very Sick (cc: @OccupyHartford)

And though my mind and heart want me to be physically active with Occupy Hartford at the Turning Point Park occupation site, my Dysautonomia (a progressive and chronic illness) prevents me from doing so at this time.

I am with my fellows in spirit, and will continue to do what I can to support and further the work we are doing.  Occupy Hartford is an amazing and talented group of diverse people.  And regardless of the false image that Mass Media (not true journalists) wants to project, those within the cause know the truth.  And as the numbers grow, more and more we will begin to ignore the vanity of the media, and seek not their approval, but the approval of those wanting to delve deeper into the myriad of issues that are darkening the spirits of humankind.

Compassion and solidarity are the true answer, and if anyone tries to convince you otherwise, I'd take a closer look into that person's personal motive.

MissNikkiAnn, from her sick bed

*Unedited, so don't belittle my effort by looking for mistakes.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Axemaker's Gift by James Burke and Robert Ornstein

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March on Bank of America TODAY 5pm (@OccupyHartford)

The Capitol Building of Hartford, Connecticut

If I am given an ounce of strength (which my Dysautonomia is not allowing me right this moment--"kiss my ass Dysautonomia!"), I will be attending this March for the following reason: 

"This is the moment I have been waiting for, since BOA was bold enough to take all of my invested money (which was in their “fine print” when I got sick and couldn’t make payment on my loan). Later to find that BOA was not making due on their own financial crisis. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?"

~MissNikkiAnn, my comment was originally posted on 

March on Bank of America TODAY 5pm <<< Click link for more information on starting point, which I believe to be Turning Point Park, but please double-check that!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

@MissNikkiAnn's FAVORITE Occupy Wall Street Protester's Sign -- Classic, To The Point, Straight...No Chaser

I think it gets right to the heart and soul of the issue--and had I been at this particular occupation site, I would have wanted one of my own.  My dad would LOVE this.  He'd want the t-shirt.

Area Colleges Announce support of Occupy Hartford (@OccupyHartford)

Area Colleges Announce support of Occupy Hartford

Great News: We have received a letter of solidarity from the faculty and staff of Trinity College, Central Connecticut State University, University of Connecticut and Wesleyan University:
“We faculty and staff members of Trinity College, Central Connecticut State University, University of Connecticut and Wesleyan University are in complete solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Hartford protest. We support its demand for for social justice and real democracy. We recognize, too, the effects of the economic crisis on the conditions of life for millions of people in this country and around the world. We agree that actions to end this crisis cannot be based on the reduction of public spending and cuts to public services. Such discriminatory measures will further harm those who are suffering the most and prolong the economic crisis.”
Read the entire statement: Area Colleges in Support with OH"
Cited from: Area Colleges Announce support of Occupy Hartford

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mark Ruffalo explains Occupy Wall Street

Awesome Video

URGENT! Solidarity Rally, Tuesday at 7pm @OccupyHartford

"URGENT! Solidarity Rally – Tuesday at 7pm


Posted on

DAY 4 - Late Monday afternoon Chief of Police Darryl K Roberts came to Turning Point Park and told us that we need to take the tents down first thing Tuesday morning (Oct.11). At the same time, he also informed us that City Officials would like to have a meeting with us. During the General Assembly, the consensus was that we would take down the tents at 7am and meet with them Tuesday, late afternoon.
It is absolutely necessary that we get as many people down to the occupied park! We especially need a critical mass of people here at 7pm for a solidarity rally, but we also encourage folks to come down at any point in the day.
-Occupy HartfordCT"

Go to this link to learn more: URGENT! Solidarity Rally, Tuesday at 7pm

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Tonight @OccupyHartford will be having a General Assembly...

Time:  6:30 PM
Place:  Turning Point Park

*See for more details on location and parking.

Today's Meeting Times for @OccupyHartford Are...

11 AM and 5 PM
at Turning Point Park
Photo of rock located at Turning Point Park

*Please take into consideration that this could change.  I will try to post if it does.

Hartford's Dan Haar's Write-up on @OccupyHartford

"Dan Haar 12:24 p.m. EDT, October 4, 2011 I was pleased to see that Hartford has finally joined the Occupy Wall Street movement, with a gathering scheduled for this Wednesday morning in Bushnell Park. 

It's not that I care deeply about the message of the protesters. They're off-base in many ways, though their overall point about wealth and finance in America is hard to refute. 

No, what I care about is Hartford's opportunity to piggyback on this youthful national firestorm to create some local energy. The energy is building on all sides. By remarkable coincidence, at 8:30 a.m., the very moment when Occupy Hartford unfurls its first banners, an event a few hundred feet away will do more to reshape the profit-driven U.S. corporate structure than all the placard-waving, zombie-dressed protesters in the streets. And it's happening, of all places, at the capital city's historic bastion of corporate culture, The Hartford Club. 

"Beyond Business as Usual" is a conference on social enterprise, organized by the local group reSET, the Social Enterprise Trust. This movement, in contrast to the bring-down-the-system energy happening in financial districts across America, is about creating something — a parallel way for firms to organize themselves based on the interests of employees and the community, as well as owners. 

In the afternoon, reSET will name the winners of its first social entrepreneur awards, giving thousands of dollars for business plans and startups that advance the core ideas. 

What are those core ideas? For now, social enterprise is broadly defined. What sets it apart from the plethora of excellent corporate community activities out there is that a social enterprise firm is organized — legally, in its charter, in many cases — for social good from the start. Many universities have institutes to prod the idea forward. 

Some might argue that the best way to create social good is to help companies make money, so they can hire more people and pay higher wages. That question will come up Wednesday, I'm certain, because — full disclosure here — I'm moderating the first panel discussion, with some heavyweights of social enterprise. 

Kate Emery, CEO of the IT consulting firm Walker Systems Support in Farmington, and founder of reSET, has a lot of respect for the Occupy Wall Street protests, which she likens to the marches of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. "They bring attention to situations in our society that might otherwise pass as acceptable," she said. 

Social enterprise picks up on the dissatisfaction with a system that doesn't spread wealth very effectively, and offers "a positive, plausible alternative," Emery said. 

"It doesn't need to replace the current way of doing business, it can live alongside and demonstrate through the free market that it works," she said. "And people can then choose which business model they want to support." 

The back-and-forth brings a nice departure from the polarized political debate about free market vs. government control — a debate that misses the obvious point, we've always been a regulated market economy and always will be. With social enterprise, it's Market Type-A vs. Market Type B. 

The keynote speaker Wednesday is Robert Egger, founder and president of the 22-year-old DC Central Kitchen, which uses food donated by hotels, restaurants and farms in a culinary arts job training program. It has fed thousands of people and helped hundreds get jobs in the business, and it has spun off other firms. 

"Robert says it well, that rather than boycotts, let's have 'buycotts' - let's have people voting with their wallets, their business, their loyalty, on which model they think is best," Emery said in an email. "That's what the free market is all about!"" and FOX Video Coverage of @OccupyHartford March

Sir is in this video. Can you spot him? Where's Sir?  
*Original Source:

News Channel 8 ( Coverage of @OccupyHartford (@missnikkiann was interviewed)

"Protestors camp out on Hartford grounds

Updated: Friday, 07 Oct 2011, 10:21 PM EDT
Published : Friday, 07 Oct 2011, 5:13 PM EDT
HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) - A down sized version of what's happening on Wall Street came marching through the streets Hartford, because folks want to express their disappoints regarding America's financial situation.
The protestors want to occupy Hartford to show their solidarity and support for the movement.
"I've grown frustrated with the situation in America," says Missnikkiann Fulse of Hartford.
Frustration is at the heart of the protest. Folks said they are fed up with what they say is corporate greed and financial inequality. There were about 400 protestors, by their count, who came to camp out and occupy a park at Broad and Farmington in Hartford.
There is no chanting, but there is constant repeating of announcements.
"I've been to protests in the past, you get a little cynical about them cause you see the same people, that sort of thing, but you know, there's new people here," says Brendan Mahoney of Hartford.
East protestor had their own story, and reason for occupying Hartford. Fulse went to school, then graduated school, she got a job and paid for insurance, but when she got sick, her insurance dropped her.
"We get so comfortable with that illusion, and when it's shattered, and you get sick, and you no longer fit into the picture, it's crushing," says Fulse.
Folks agree that there's no longer an equal playing field.
"There's a very small minority of people who have far too much sway in power within the halls of government," says Mahoney.
They're hoping that small minority can't ignore what's growing larger by the day. The 99 percent who say they don't hold the power want to right the wrongs, because America deserves better.
"I love this country, I love, on a sense, our form of democracy, the fact that our constitution, you know, allows us to have meetings like this," says Mahoney.
A small group is camping out, and will be in the area all weekend. large crowds are expected for Saturday and Sunday."

Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Pause...

I Am at @OccupyHartford

They occupied Turning Point Park last night. Now having their daily meeting.
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Chronic Illness and @OccupyHartford @OccupyWallSt

As a Chronic/Invisible Illness Sufferer, I Need These Movements (cc: @OccupyHartford @OccupyWallSt)

Oct 8, 2011 | Source:

Correction Re: @MissNikkiAnn Responds to an Important Question about @OccupyHartford

My bad, you actually have to go to this link:

MissNikkiAnn Responds to an Important Question about @OccupyHartford

You will need to click on the video that will bring you to the full thread where you will see the viewer's question.
@Keek, Epic Fail (Lost @OccupyHartford Footage)
Oct 5, 2011 | Source:

Friday, October 07, 2011

Occupy Hartford March 10072011 Part 9, @OccupyHartford

Occupy Hartford March 10072011 Part 8, @OccupyHartford

Occupy Hartford March 10072011 Part 7, @OccupyHartford

Occupy Hartford March 10072011 Part 6, @OccupyHartford

Occupy Hartford March 10072011 Part 5, @OccupyHartford

Occupy Hartford March 10072011 part 4, @OccupyHartford

Occupy Hartford March 10072011 part 3, @OccupyHartford

Occupy Hartford March 10072011 part 2, @OccupyHartford

Occupy Hartford March 10072011, @OccupyHartford

Occupy Hartford's Next Meeting, @OccupyHartford

The next meeting will be held tomorrow, Saturday, October 7th at 3 PM at Turning Point Park.  

If I hear of any changes, I will try to post.

Occupy Hartford March 10072011 @OccupyHartford

I am exhausted.  It ain't easy having a chronic illness (Dysautonomia) and trying to keep up with history in the making.  Sir (my Occupy Hartford people know his real name) and I are just returning home.  I can honestly say that today's march was one of the most memorable days of my life.  When Sir and I arrived, we were greeted by old faces and brand new ones, many brand new ones.  The effort is growing.  And though those within the group may get frustrated and tired, they're work is touching many people, causing them to alter their schedules just to be a part of this movement toward impending change.

It's late, and I need some rest.  For now I am just going to post some pictures from the march.  Just know that as I am typing this, there are many fellow Nutmeggers who will be occupying Turning Point Park (corner of Broad and Farmington) through the night.  And if my health would permit it, I'd be there with them, just as I told the reporter from News Channel 8 (yeah, finally gained some mass media attention).

You're never too young.

Sir being interviewed by a young (very young) protester.  She asked him: "Why are you here?"

Po-po (police) on bikes.

Lots of mothers with babies and children participated.

Speaks for the cause.

Equipment for overnight occupation.

"Bosses Beware!  When We Are Screwed We Multiply"

News Channel 8's (abc) night arrival.

And into the night...

Please note that due to my disability, I was unable to take photographs during the actually march, it's impossible to push a walker with two hands and hold a camera.  So please search the internet for pictures of the march through downtown, I was blown away by how long the marching lineup was--remarkable.

"Be good.
Be patient--but not too patient.
Be in the moment of not being too patient.
There is a season for action.
If you are even partially capable, be there for that season."

~MissNikkiAnn, disabled but marching when possible
(and inspired by the elderly woman with a cane who marched right behind me)

*unedited post

Occupy Hartford 10072011 @OccupyHartford

Witnessing the post-march meeting.
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Occupy Hartford 10062011 @OccupyHartford

As a chronically ill single mom, I am crunched for time and health.  If you are following my blog for Occupy Hartford, CT, USA information, you will find that I get right to the point, and there is no editing involved (not enough energy, time or good health right now...but maybe in the future).  So here we go....

Sir and I arrived a little late to yesterday the Occupy Hartford meeting.  There was a little confusion as to where the meeting would be held (Bushnell Park or Turning Point, Broa Street and Farmington Avenue).  Once I realized it was Turning Point (cause there was no one at the Bushnell and I used my Android to check Twitter for the location), we walked from the Capitol's parking lot to Turning Point.  Upon arrival, this is what we saw...

I jumped right into the mix and listened for information.  Here are some main points to consider:

1.  The first march will be held today, Friday, October 7, 2011 (10072011) at 5 PM.

2.  The Bushnell Park will be the starting point for the march.

3.  The route for the march was up for proposal.

4.  It was proposed that the march be inclusive, allowing for consideration and support of individual situations (people's work time, etc.).

5.  The issue of Connecticut not being a 24/7 kind of a place like New York provoked lots of discussion about how to deal with the limitations of the City of Hartford's most active and least active hours.

6.  There was confusion (which was resolved) over who the Turning Point land belongs to.  Turning Point is not the official name of the site that you see above, and there is some philanthropic history behind it.

7.  The Turning Point land belongs to the City of Hartford. 

8.  It was also made clear that The City of Hartford belongs to The City of Hartford and NOT the POLICE.

9.  The people were made aware that Ron Pitts (sp? and occupation?) supports the effort.

10.  Please note that The Hartford Courant is right across the street.

11.  Please note that no Hartford Courant staff reporters (to my knowledge) were in attendance.

Here are so photos...

And a few more...

I will keep you posted.

~MissNikkiAnn, unedited

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Occupy Hartford Rundown from 10052011's Evening Meeting

By request, I will do a quick rundown on yesterday's Occupy Hartford:

1.  The crowd grew in size from my 5 PM arrival until my 8 PM departure.

2.  There were adults, children AND babies present.

3.  Cops were also present.

4.  Many held protest signs.

5.  Some stood on the Bushnell Park sidewalk and held up their signs for passerbys to see.  One of these was a young boy who could have been between the ages six and ten.  Instead of joining the other children (like Sir, my son who is six and was present) at play, upon his arrival, he took his sign and went right to the sidewalk to hold it up for passing vehicles to see.  The unidentified man who was with him, was further down the street doing the same.  

6.  A unanimous proposal was passed about not smoking with so many children being present with the group.

7.  They spoke about the morning's meeting.

8.  The various "Breadown Groups" (or committees) were recognized as such:  Expression, Finance, Food, Legal, Logistics, Media, Medical, Outreach, Research and Shelter.  I was having a hard time hearing when I think they mentioned (and voted?) on having a Strategy group.

9.  The lawyer stated:  "I am not here to tell you what to do.  I am here to make sure your rights to the Constitution are protected."

10.  I overheard a statement that "One thing we don't want to see here is a failure to communicate."  Eluding to the fact that this failure could prompt conflict with the police.

11.  It was agreed that occupation would begin at most a week from Wednesday (10052011) and at least by Saturday (10082011).  But upon my departure three hours in, they were still unsure.

12.  From what I could see, aside from myself and another unidentified photographer, there was no "blatant" media representation.  I did upload live video footage to, but am in talks with Keek now as to why my videos did not post.

~MissNikkiAnn, keeping you posted