Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Hello to all!

Just a note to say that almost all of the products on this page are things that I own or have invested time or money in.  Please feel free to click on the links and see what my recommended books and other mentioned items are about.  More and more I am liking the idea of exposing you all to the books and things that have inspired me to keep on living, loving and giving.  I hope that they inspire you as well.  And if you make a purchase from Amazon.com from my page, you're helping me too.  Today I have posted one of my favorite books by Neale Donald Walsch, which is located over there to the right of this page ----------->.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Soured Sweetness: roger bezanis on caffeine/coffee/ orange juice

Soured Sweetness: roger bezanis on caffeine/coffee/ orange juice: "Class # 210 of TUE 28 DEC 2010 is just about to start!! Aerobics for the mind! Soon thoughts will be jumping.Class # 210 of TUE 28 DEC 2010 ..."

Bat-Shit Crazy Update

So I've been implementing some of Roger Bezanis's Whole Raw Foods ideas. As some may know, for 11 years I was a vegetarian. I found that it suited my taste buds and my body. At one point I even foung myself eating like a Vegan, which seemed to be a natural progression (It's important to note that during my childhood I preferred only to eat hamburgers, and not much else on the meat end.). But through all of that, I still found myself experiencing weird health issues. I'd fast and detoxify in various forms just to feel rejuvenated again. But still...something lingered. And on June 1, 2006, I woke to find that I'd lost the site in my left eye. So again as I'd done two years prior (but had given up after numerous tests), I started the journey once more. The differnce this time was that I'd press on until I better understood my body. Each day I arrive at more and more understanding. And most recently I am deriving some benefits from implementing SOME of Roger's recommendations.

Press On...

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Something You Might Want To Know? Seriously!

I wrote a post about breastfeeding back in 2006, when I was breastfeeding Sir, called: Something You Might Want To Know. Since I don't blog as often as I used to, I am always amazed at how many hits this site gets without my updating it frequently. Over time, the Bat-Shit Crazy answer has been that many from around the globe flock to that breastfeeding post (click here to view: "Something You Might Want To Know"). Funny thing is, you may want to know that my boobies still produce milk--darn things just randomly starting leaking one day. And to my knowledge, this boobs have never dried out. But that's not very important, as I recently had a Thermal Balloon Ablation (yeah, you can look that up on your own!).

And that's all I really wanted to say. Seriously!

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