Sunday, July 10, 2011

It Is I...

It's been a struggle today. Hell, it's always a struggle. I stayed in my pajamas all day. Tweeted with some tweeps. Google+'d with some old Twitter and Seesmic folk. Listened to NPR. Yelled at Sir. Yelled at Sir some more. Toasted marshmallows in the backyard, while still wearing those pajamas. Did 6 puzzles with Sir. Played Operation and Bed Bugs with Sir. Watched some YouTube videos. Made a YouTube video. Started my Pinterest board. Curated my Pearltrees. Took my Dailymughshot shot. Had my regular coffee. Had my decaf coffee. Listened to my one voicemail. And I think I am about to yell at Sir again. This means I've basically come full circle. Wait...I just got an email. Let's see... *reading email* nice...someone on Twitter retweeted one of my tweets and my email felt that I needed to know. Yes, email has feelings.

Now yelling at Sir...

"Be good.
Be patient.
Be in the moment."