Friday, April 08, 2011

5 Things My World Showed Me Today

1. California is having major issues with criminals within its Psychiatric murder...and the fact that violence is up 37%.

2. NATO is "unknowingly" blowing up rebel Libyan forces. The rebels say they've informed NATO of their tanks, NATO says they had no knowledge of the tanks.

3. Milk has killed babies in Japan. I heard an excerpt on NPR this morning where a guy said that people are basically being paranoid about the radioactivity issue. Oh...okay!

4. I've gotta addmire the crazed Republicans' determination on the budget. It might serve America more if it were for the betterment of "We The People" and not their own agenda.

5. Portugal needs financial assistance; so do I. And so does the majority of college-bound Americans. But guess which group is more likely to get help from America? And it won't be "We The People."
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