Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thought Provoking

Today I received a question on my Transitioner page (located at: http://people.thetransitioner.org/profile/missnikkiann).  A Transitioner member asked a question that stuck with me and sent me into a contemplative and meditative mode.  She said:

"Dear Nikki, you speak about your quests in life. Can you say more?"

That simple question resonated to the depths of me.  That simple question has kept me creatively paralyzed for a lifetime.  And ultimately, if I do not seek more to understand that question, I will find my spirit unsettled  again.  Yet again.

As if her question hadn't resonated loudly enough, I was sent the same message through a comment made on an NPR program this afternoon.  The guy said that he's learned a great deal from Thurgood Marshall.  Not because Thurgood was so great but because he was so normal and so human.  He said that Thurgood taught him the two most important questions that one must ask of himself.  I was driving, so I wasn't able to write these questions down, but they went something like...

1.  Do you know what you want out of  life?
2.  Do you know how you can go about making it happen?

To me, it's the same idea as the question that was posed on my Transitioner page.  I know with everything within myself that this question can and will be answered.  And that once I am able to provide an answer, I will feel more at home in the guided steps that I am taking.  It's a question that God has been waiting for me to answer, not for His knowing, but for mine--to strengthen my relationship with The Almighty.

Be well.

Be patient.

Be in the moment.