Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dysautonomia Flare

This marks the 10th day of my most recent Dysautonomia flare-up. I tell ya', I want to jump off my bed to my death. Each time I have a bad flare, which is usually up to twice a month, I am reminded of how determined my symptoms are. As you know, I am on a 100% raw foods diet (and yes, I'm even chewing the small piece of raw beef everyday), but my flare started a few days before I moved from 80% to 100% raw. So I have a long road to go before seeing a big turnaround. On the other side, my doctor and I were commenting on just how quickly the diet is healing some of my colon issues, which is an important issue since digestion directly affects the absorption of nutrition. And though I still have slow gastric digestion in the upper tract, at least it comes out the colon and doesn't sit there causing my body to be anymore toxic than it is.

What does stuff mean? Not much. Just got frustrated with being bedridden and decided to blog about a piece of my life. And if you read about a crazy woman running through the streets, bucking shots in the's only I.
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