Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bat-Shit Crazy Update

So I've been implementing some of Roger Bezanis's Whole Raw Foods ideas. As some may know, for 11 years I was a vegetarian. I found that it suited my taste buds and my body. At one point I even foung myself eating like a Vegan, which seemed to be a natural progression (It's important to note that during my childhood I preferred only to eat hamburgers, and not much else on the meat end.). But through all of that, I still found myself experiencing weird health issues. I'd fast and detoxify in various forms just to feel rejuvenated again. But still...something lingered. And on June 1, 2006, I woke to find that I'd lost the site in my left eye. So again as I'd done two years prior (but had given up after numerous tests), I started the journey once more. The differnce this time was that I'd press on until I better understood my body. Each day I arrive at more and more understanding. And most recently I am deriving some benefits from implementing SOME of Roger's recommendations.

Press On...

Your help commeth from The Lord.
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