Friday, December 17, 2010

I Tried…

but yesterday didn’t go as planned.  I was stricken with pain not long after my video post, so I was unable to make the cookies.  But we did get the haircuts.  Today I have lots of craziness going on, and the pain has not let up.  I’m taking prescription strength pain meds on top of the other medication that is supposed to help control my pain that is triggered by my nervous system. 

I’m medicated the fuck up! 

Sir has another school Christmas program today (that’s what happens when you send your child to a Christian (not Catholic, CHRISTIAN) private school--they reserve the right to have 5 million programs when it’s a Christian holiday approaching.  So I need to go to that, plus two doctor appointments AND it’s a half day--and last day until after the New Year--for Sir (gets out at 12:30 p.m.).  So I have no idea how it will all flow.  But…

GOD has never failed me nor forsaken me.

Thank God!