Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Return

i'm in an interesting frame of mind (maybe even a phase). during my time away, i did a lot of studying and exploring the ideas and concepts of others, and i have found a very common thread in these studied people's current thinking. that common thread is the idea that the world is undergoing a very unchartered and magnificent change, one that will send the human mind and physical body into experiences that most people cannot fathom.

now, one could argue whether these changes will cause the major types of occurrences that folks are forecasting. that argument has led me to the understanding of years and ages passed, it was always in retrospect that people understood the goings-on; so, it is that i've decided to accept the early possibility that MOST of these predictions will fall CLOSE in line with what is already here and what is soon to occur.

with all of that being what it is, i've decided that my task is to decide who i want to be within this process. i believe that deciding now could be a great way to avoid picking up or doing too many things that are only going to further distract me. and i say "too many" things because i am at the core still ME, and that means that LOTS of times i allow my fears to lead me into areas that stray from my desired intentions--even though this is never bad because there is something to be experienced in every decision.

for now, i hope everyone has enough of what they need, and feel okay with ridding themselves of the extra crap that is weighing them down--and boy, at times, i am very weighted.

since it's been a minute, feel free to click the comment button and say hello!

Miss Nikki Ann (32 years on this planet and still laughing/crying about the happenings on Earth)