Thursday, June 21, 2007


This was a forwarded email that I received from a friend. Attached to the email was a video that was so breathtaking that I couldn't tear myself away from it. Feel free to read the email below, or just go right to the link and view the video.

Miss Nikki Ann

Click here to go straight to the video, it may take a minute to load, but it's well worth the wait.

"I received this email from a co-worker and you guys have got to read and see the attached slide show.
Sensitive Sally's get ready to cry and fellas take notes! PLEASE click on the link at the bottom...
the pictures and the music are BEAUTIFUL!!

Robert Gray, Jr. asked all of his nearest friends and his parents and his girlfriends
parents to come into Atlanta and he paid for all of them to spend the
night at the Ritz their in Atlanta . He told his girlfriend, who is now
his fiancé, that they were going to a formal affair at the Ritz. You
will notice in the video that they are both dressed for a formal event.
When they got there he had all of his male friends gathered in one room
and he asked them to interview his girlfriend(so to speak). They were
allowed to ask her questions that they felt would provide answers to
reassure them & him that she is the one for him. Then he had each of
his male friends to join their wives in their individual rooms and each
couple prayed with them (he & his girlfriend) separately. He also had
an envelope in each of the rooms with the individual couples. The
envelopes touched upon different aspects of their future together.

Then he took his girlfriend into the room where they greeted his parents and
then into a room where they greeted her parents and there he asked her
parents for her hand in marriage. Lastly, he took her into a separate
room and formally proposed to her (AWESOME). From there they joined all
of their very immediate family and friends in a room where they
celebrated his proposal to her (their engagement).

Robert is a graduate of Southern University (Q-dog) and is now an
accountant with Home Depot at their corporate office in Atlanta . My
understanding is that he financially footed the bill for this weekend
himself. It was not supplemented by his parents. I was told that he
moved in with his sister for approx. 6mos. and saved the money to pay
for the engagement ring and all of the bells and whistles for this very
special evening.