Friday, June 29, 2007

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Due to an inquiry from e.Craig, I've decided to step out of my comfort zone (which is a place I love to reside) and show more of my ego's side. Yes, I believe that all my talk of spirit and love are important. But in order to get to that love, sometimes we must exorcise the demons.

In my twenties, I went through some funny angry phases. During that time, I had a friend say to me, "Miss Nikki Ann (yes, she did actually call me that), I don't know. I don't think it's healthy to be angry like that." Then at another time, I had an open and angelic friend who said, "Yes, sit the anger down, have tea with it, and then send it home." What I've found is that listening to my ego--not accepting the lies it tells me, just listening--has helped me to move into a more centered me; it got me in better touch with my spirit.

During those angry periods, I started writing what I called Angry Essays. My angelic friend loved them so much, and at some point I decided that I should record them and turn them into a CD. I was working in radio and thus had access to a studio where I could record these pieces for free: yippee! So I did just that and have now uploaded a few of them for your listening pleasure--and if the mood hits me, maybe I'll post more or record some newer ones, who knows...

Anywho, these pieces are dedicated to e.Craig, who wasn't afraid to ask Miss Nikki Ann about her OTHER side (ego versus love, an everyday battle). Also, e.Criag's inquiry has sparked in me a desire to create a new section of posts: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. Obviously these will be posts that allow my ego, or someone else's, to vent out its lies. But I must ask you to remember that the things posted under Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice are of the ego, and are never to be trusted or ingested for long. For me, the spirit is the truth and the ego is just sad entertainment that can be very dangerous and harmful, unless one is willing to grow from seeing the errors of the ego's misguidance.

Also, please note that Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice will contain explicit material. This material is not meant to offend, it's only meant to shake you up a bit, rattle your nerves a little, just to keep you from getting too comfortable and set in your old ways that may not be working. Also, hell, some of this material just gives me a good laugh.

I'm Out

Miss Nikki Ann (who in her 20's wanted to be a female version of Dolemite--that mutha-fucka was da's shit!) **and so the uncomfortable moments begin...