Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Paris Hilton is a free woman, but what about Kim?

Um...like...um...should we be happy or sad?  Hmmm...  But they kept my girl Lil' Kim locked away for the full duration of her sentence.  B-u-l-l-c-r-a-p!
Nothing against you, Paris.  I'm not hating.  If you're lucky to get free, then you're just lucky.  It's just plain to me that there are times when the system just doesn't work.  Lil' Kim only tried her hardest not to snitch and she got locked up; I mean, the woman didn't actually do anything to anybody, but she wasn't pardoned for her moment of stupidity--no forgiveness.  You, Paris, you keep putting people in harms way and you go home like it's nothing.  Well, it is something:  BULLSHIT!
Here's to all the folks who are in lockdown, lockup, incarceration, la...la...la..., but deserve to be at home chillin'.  And trust me folks, there are actually thousands who deserved a slap on the wrist, but got the Lil' Kim treatment.
I'm out!

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