Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oh boy! Somebody's always got to mess it up for the rest of us...

Okay, so today I was a bit disturbed to find that my blog was being viewed by waaay too many people from all parts of the world. After a little research, I realized that they must have done some kind of search and came upon a picture that I'd posted here that was from another website. It was the picture of the mother nursing her toddler and newborn at the same time. I don't know if someone got a kick out of it and then emailed it to friends across the world, but they all came to my site to view this picture.

The problem? It puts me at risk. I post way too many private and personal things (pictures of my son and so forth). I in no way want to exploit me, my family, friends or blogging buddies. And though I am not about censorship, I'm smart enough to draw the line when safety becomes an issue.

Obviously I've taken down the picture to avoid any further connections with it. And it seems that someone took it upon themselves to block the page or something, maybe the person who actually owned the photo.

I do this blogging thing to entertain and maybe lend a crazy hand to those I know. I believe that if too many things are kept in the dark, it hinders progress. Meaning, something that I'm going through could help someone else. So I try not to hold back, showing all the lovable and less-than-lovable sides of Miss Nikki Ann. But I'd shut dis bitch down before I put anyone I know in harms way. Quick and simple.

This internet thing can be fun BUT dangerous. And most of us using it are just innocent everyday people who don't have a full understanding of the precarious situations we put ourselves in everyday we log on (see this article: Dangers of Personal Blogging). I keep taking chances with the internet with the idea that there is more good than evil in this world, but shit, I have been known to be wrong (ask Paul).

I have a site meter on my blog to measure who's coming in and out, just for cases such as the one that happened today. I know the computer ID Addresses of my core readers. When I notice an unusual visitor, I monitor which page they viewed and so forth to gain a better understanding of why they're hittin'-up my blog. My readers are mostly family and friends, checking to see what craziness I'm up to, and I ain't tryna attract any nut jobs who are jacking off to pictures of my son or his friends. And I'm sorry to be that blunt with you all, but that's the truth of the matter about these perverted folks on the net.

And though I try to monitor my site, it's not a fool-proof system--but it did help me to catch today's glitch.

I'm not shutting anything down--YET--or taking any pictures off, but I will (I'd even remove those new voice recordings I've been doing if need be).

And yeah, if I do stop blogging in this personal and intimate fashion, I'll just have to listen to my ego complaining about not being able to chat with you all through my blog--but it'd be worth it to keep everyone safe. Friggin' perverts!

So we'll see how it goes. And hey, there's always emailing or snail mail...