Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dad and The Sir

I was coming out of a relaxing shower when I heard my dad yelling for Sir to get out of the street. I ran to the window and spotted my 2-year-old running down the friggin' center of the road--half-naked without any shoes. Once my dad caught up to him--cause that little bugger can run--and I saw that he was safe, I ran to get my camera. I took a few shots of them from my bedroom window as they walked back into the yard.

Later, my dad had the nerve to tell me that I was gonna have to teach him about not running into the street. Of course I was quick to correct him and let him know that Sir doesn't do that when he's with me--as if I'd go through all the struggles and bedrest I went through to have that baby just to let him kill himself in the middle of a street. I don't think so. Foolishness. But here are the pics...