Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Did you find yourself feeling bored at all today?  More than likely, you felt frustrated by the boredom or confused as to whether or not to remedy it.  More than likely, you kicked yourself in the butt, deciding that this boredom signified some type of laziness within you.  You probably asked yourself: "With so much work to do, how in the heck can I be bored?"
Boredom is an open opportunity to connect with your true nature and the true nature of everything around you.  But because boredom makes us feel so empty, we try that space, causing us to miss the intuitions that arise during "boring" moments. 
We live in a fast world, and God forbid if we decide on being inactive for a few moments; inactivity means less productivity, we think to ourselves.  But really look at it.  You've probably got coworkers whom you see running around the office like chickens with their heads cut off, but not really accomplishing much.  But you, you do your work at an easy pace, BUT, take cigarette breaks, bathroom breaks, LOTS of Internet breaks and seem to accomplish just as much work as the next person.  But, notice, you couldn't just sit and give into the boredom; you felt compelled to fill that time with activity--so, in essence, you were no better than the crazy coworker running around with his or her head cutoff.
What I'm saying is this: boredom is an opportunity for the truth to come to mind.  If you shut up and sit long enough, sometimes things are clearer and issues are easily solved.  Did you read that?  Issues are easily resolved by doing nothing--just sitting still and letting you mind and spirit reorganize and regroup.
So the next time you feel boredom setting in, push back from your computer, coffee mug, chatty coworker...and give into it, even if it's just for 60 solid seconds, and you may find that miraculous things happen.  And where there's one miracle, others are sure to follow--it truly can be a chain reaction.
I'm out...
Miss Nikki Ann (who finally gave into the boredom Sunday, yesterday and today, and feels all the better for it)

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