Monday, June 18, 2007

Aaron and Sir's Big Adventure

Last week Sir's buddy Aaron came over for the afternoon while his mom (who has a newborn) took advantage of the free time and went grocery shopping. The two had a fabulous time doing yard work and playing. They went on a wheelbarrow ride around the corner to visit with Aunt Theldra and Uncle Robert Earl, but we had to entice Aaron with Oreo cookies to convince him to enter their house. After the sugar rush, the boys played in Aunt Theldra's backyard. Aaron was determined that he should tackle Sir over and over again, while Sir cried for help. Sir seems to believe it's okay for him to tackle other folks, but he doesn't like it when they return the favor. After the visit, we headed back to our house and had lunch, then, Aaron's mom arrived with her newborn in tow, and we took everyone next door to the park. I think the boys had a fun afternoon. And I'll tell ya', two is better than one, this way they entertain each other. Sir's other buddy, Miss Kalaya, will be coming over two days this week. And I'm sure that if he pushes and tackles her, she'll be sure to return the favor. Here's to girl power!