Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Let Me Jump Right In...

Um, did she just have the nerve to be mad at me because I refused to allow Sir to eat a sugary Popsicle that her hyper-active great-grandson had given Sir right before dinner? Huh? Did her stanky ass have the nerve to tell me that I'm being mean because I won't let Sir have a gigantic sugary Popsicle right before dinner?

Here's where Miss Nikki Ann gets petty...

Is this the same woman who's had that gosh damned newspaper on top of her house since last August?!

Let me paint a picture here...

Miss Nikki Ann has had it with bullshit! And Miss Nikki Friggin' Ann ain't her usual self today and ain't been her usual self for a couple of weeks now.

Let me finish my venting...

And the nerve of the other one to tell me to go to the block watch meeting and bitch about there not being a sprinkler in the park!

Miss Nikki Ann is now irate...

Who gives a flying frickin' fig about a damn sprinkler in the park when our neighbors are being robbed by the handfuls in daylight.


And I could go on, but I will now revert back to some things that Kathy taught me a long time ago. And on the top of that list is the fact that I have options. And, right now, one of my options is to leave people the heck alone in an effort to assure that they leave me alone. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Recently it was gossiped that I might be pregnant because I'd missed some playgroups and walking dates. Ya' see, even when your goal is to step back and keep a low-profile people will drag your name around in the mud.

But for the friggin' record, how can a sexually-repressed woman with no hopes of a friggin' sex life be pregnant? Come on! For friggin' cryin' out loud!

Now I must go. And for anyone who didn't understand anything I wrote...join the club--I'm the chairwoman.

Miss Nikki Friggin' Ann