Thursday, December 07, 2006

Spotlight: Anika Noni Rose

Today I received many email about a person a attended high school with. This young lady is in the new Dreamgirls production. She is co-starring along with other female singers Beyonce and Idol winner, Jennifer Hudson. This woman is Anika Noni Rose (we knew her as Anika Rose). Here's a little anecdote...

There year was 1989. Me, my girl Maia (who's now in the Broadway production of The Color Purple) and some more of our friends had plans on performing an EnVogue song for our high school talent show. **Hey, LuCiana, were you supposed to perform with us?** We were freshman at the time and Miss Anika, who was a senior, had decided to do the same song. What we couldn't understand was why she'd want to perform this song solo when it was made for a group performance. In the end, her seniority won out. I can still remember how disgusted I was over it. And if I'm not mistaken, I think, in the end, she decided on doing some other song; but it was too late for us to switch back.

Hey...Miss Anika was always driven. I guess that's the reason why she is now a Tony Award winner from some Broadway play she was in. I can't hate on the woman for having drive, even if that drive caused her to run over me and my pals.

Miss Anika, my hat's off to you. Live your dream, girl. **Nikki Ann ponders a moment** Anika probably wouldn't know me if she passed me on the street. LOL! Goes to show you how silly old grudges can be. I mean, that stuff happened 17 years ago! LOL!

I'm out!

Miss Nikki Ann