Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Artist Space

I have received so many kind words and thoughts from you guys. I am humbled by your belief in me. Today I was rambling on and on to my mom about the next step in this "becoming a published novelist" process. It's something I've never done before, and I'm looking for as much support as I can get.

It's my feeling that the SECOND step in this process is to believe in myself. The FIRST step is to be willing to go forward with it. I believe that being willing is first, and most important, because there may be many days when I don't believe in myself. But on those days, I'll still be willing to go forward in order to see what the end will be.

As I wrote this novel, there were days I had little faith in my talents (something similiar to the "faith of a mustard seed") but I did have strength, and the will, to move forward.

Willingness first...

And then...

Belief in my talents.

Strange, but true for this situation.

Once again, I am grateful for your kind words.


Miss Nikki Ann