Monday, October 23, 2006

The Truth?

My Stress comes when I allow the world's issues to ride on my back.

There are so many different people on this earth. So many different stories that make us all who we are. No excuses need to be made...just understanding. We come into this world whole beings. And then our lives are spent trying to regain pieces of ourselves that have been chipped away by various things. And in our search to replace those missing parts, we steal from other people. We try to take their courage, fame, diginity, privacy, family, money, self-respect, peace, love, happiness... It is just as bad to steal someone's love as it is to steals someone's money--It disconnects us from ourselves. It makes us believe the untruth that we aren't whole enough by ourselves. That whole will supply what we need; if we'd only believe that we are enough, that we don't need to bring another down to build ourselves up. If we could only believe in a world where everyone is strong. If we could only strip away the lie that only the strong survive. Trust me, the weak do survive, and they could be robbing your house while you're at work. So if we all must survive and reside on this earth, why not build a better and more supportive system. A system where each person is respected for the way God created her/him. A system that utilizes each individual's talents, instead of calling one group of people talented.

I hate to hear this: "Have you seen Dick and Jane's son? He's a genius."

We are all born geniuses. Yes, all. Even those whom we mistakingly call retarded. The day the world can accept that, is the day we will live life according to the way spirit moves us.

I am a genius. And so are you.

I am enough. And so are you.

There's enough for me. And there's enough for you.

I am trying to remember the truth about my self. Would you like to do the same?

I don't hate you, I only hate me; and in hating myself, I hate you.


We are all connected. And what one does affects the other.

And that's my truth for today.

Miss Nikki Ann