Monday, October 02, 2006

Shut Up Already!

Tunisia sent me a email today; at the end there was a Walt Whitman quote that went like this:

"Every hour of every day is an unspeakably perfect miracle."
--Walt Whitman

And though this is true, sometimes I forget to see the miraculous perfection in it all. Nothing is coincidental. Nothing is accidental. Everything is as it should be. And yet, sometimes I create something and then forget that it was something I desired. I get lost in trying to move further and beyond my original creation. I feel stuck and miserable...That is, until I see my life in contrast to something else (like that Walt Whitman quote). In those moments I remember my truth--that I've created this life by the grace of God, and it is going according to my original wishes. And the moment I desire a change, I will BECOME the change, not just expecting the change to OVERCOME me. Until then, it would save me my sanity and a lot of energy if I'd just shut up and go with the flow of my life. Just shut up already. Shut up before I talk myself into an anxiety attack. Shut up before I take my life for granted. Shut up before I say something I don't really feel or embody.

Shuttin' up can be a miracle in itself.