Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Red Velvet Cloak

My computer is down in a major way; they have to reinstall windows and everything...bummer. It's gonna cost more than I have, but as usual, I'll be sent what I need to get the job done...Serendipity. And obviously God has sent me another avenue if I'm writing to you now. My birthday passed (Thanks Erica for the shout out!). I've been here 31 interesting years and it just keeps getting better...and more interesting. Thanks to everyone who called and wished me the best. Sir is healing well and is, at this very moment, harassing me about his snack. He now says the word chip--at times we believe he's saying shit. He's saying it now...LOL! What would I do without the aggravation and frustration he puts me through? I used my birthday money to indulge in my favorite thing, books!

For many years I had passed James Redfield's popular novels, The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight, on the bookshelf--too engrossed in writers like Neale Donald Walsch, Paulo Coelho, SARK, Marianne Williamson, and Julia Cameron. Last week I serendipitously noticed his books, never having intentions on actually ever reading them. My spirit danced and I knew I had to sit down and read them right there. While reading The Celestine Prophecy, a Caucasian woman wearing a red, floor-length, velvet cloak mysteriously passed by. I was intrigued, actually thrown off, but I kept on reading the book. Moments later she appeared in the aisle I was in. I looked up and admired her awesome red velvet cloak and noted to myself how her presence energized me. I wanted to spark up conversation, but my timidness didn't allow me. I returned to the book and wondered what she would have had to say if I'd actually spoken with her. In the end, I did purchase the books and read the first one in the matter of three days (a big deal for a busy mom) and am almost finished with the second book. And all along I've still wondered about the woman in the red cloak. The point? Life sets up grand opportunities for us and we turn them down over and over again.

Years ago I'd decided to consciously allow God to provide serendipity, the Universe, intuition, and coincidence to lead me. It was God's great gift to me and I enjoyed every minute of it--it took me to grand places where I met grand people and experienced grand things. Since having Sir, I've noticed that I still use these tools that God has given me, but I wasn't using them consciously or as often as I used to. James Redfield's books are helping me to re-identify with those things I'd pushed to the back of my mind. It's time for them to resurface and merge with the other wisdom that I have gained through those years. I'm timid about it all; but I'm willing, able and ready for a refreshing journey.

Thanks Mr. Redfield, your thoughtful writing gave me the extra spark I needed.

I plan on going back to the bookstore soon. And if I see the woman in the red velvet cloak, I won't hesitate to find out what she knows...maybe it'something I need to know...maybe it was just a beautiful cloak. Time will tell...It always does.