Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Creative Flow

I am overwhelmed with creative thoughts, almost to the point where it's frustrating; so many thoughts, so little time-- at least it seems. Years ago I'd feel odd bursts like this, but I could never figure out what they were about. Now I know that it's my inner artist wanting to get going. I keep trying to follow her and not discourage myself. It's like I'm on an artistic binge, ingesting so many things. I spend my days dreaming and toying with ideas that I try out at night. And sometimes, I find myself picking up a pen and writing an entire installment or sketching something. The other day I created two new characters and the entire story behind them. It's frustrating because this creative flow keeps me from sleeping or paying close attention to my daily tasks. Consumed. Consumed by creativity, but only having a few hours at night to put all of those thoughts into action. And right now, I've got a booming headache. My mind is way too busy for my body to keep up with and so things are just shutting down. At times I have to turn the switch on creativity and force her to rest. She doesn't know that rest is great fuel--her only goal is to create.