Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yo, Bartender!!!

Sipping on a Bud Light; every now and then I go into my brother's stash and have a cold one. I used to be a heavyweight; now I'm a lightweight--sometimes only making it through a few sips. I've been here for a minute and I'm only one sip in. Man! That baby doesn't stop! He's gotten the walking down, and he seems to believe that he now needs to RUN to everything. I'm still keeping him as busy as possible; he's going to some reading thing at the library tomorrow. Being out of town kept us from swimming class, but we'll reconvene tomorrow, with only 2 days of swimming left for the summer!!! Yea! Boy! How I soooooooo disliked swimming.

10 Great Things About Connecticut

1. Fall foliage.
2. Decent summers.
3. Just "enough" black folks--too many is just way too many!! (Just playing; that's a joke. Folks always assume that CT doesn't have black people, when in fact, we've got cities full of 'em--lots of Puerto Ricans and Jamaicans too.)
4. Crisp morning air that cleanses your lungs.
5. Being able to play in the grass without being bitten by ants. (I love frolicking in the grass with the baby. In CT when you see a bed of ants, you set your blanket right on top of them--they don't attack.)
6. We aren't too far from some fun places: Boston, New York, Atlantic City, DC, Philly, Rhode Island, Maine, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard...THE BRONX (that's for you Paul!).
7. Folks ain't always that friendly, but on days when you don't feel like being bothered, it suits you just fine.
8. It's so tiny that it only takes a short time to get to all the places you need to go.
9. The FIRST snowfall is breathtaking--after that, winter is messy and downhill.
10. Lots of people I love are here; and that makes up for all of my loved ones around the U.S. whom I don't get to see too often.

Four sips in....

Erica--Yes, my aunt passed and we drove to Georgia. It was a long 9 day trip--since the baby is no longer a baby, but a bizzy, and impatient, bee. But it was a blessing to be able to lay my eyes on my family once again--minus one, whom I still love dearly (I made this same trip exactly one year ago when my grandfather died-- The baby was only 3 months and more easy to travel with. And this particular aunt was my deceased grandfather's daughter. And she'd just married some weeks ago.).

Still four sips in...

Man Up The Street Spotting: Mom saw him leaving his elderly mother's home early this morning with a bag in tow. She says it looked as if he was headed to work or something. He's been busy socializing with the neighbors, but no real action to be noted. BUT, neighbor told me that this new family down the street had some action while we were away. And it is rumored the woman of this same family has a baby by another dude up the street from me. It seems that some guy must have done something to her daughter (not the one she had with the dude up the street) and she ran him out of the house. They seem like fairly quiet people though. Sir and I always wave to the guy as we're making our daily trek to Aunt Theldra's. Who knows?

Six sips in.

About 8:15 pm. Miss Nikki Ann is going to head to bed.

Seventh and final sip. I tried. The can's still full. My brother and my cousin would be HOT to find out that I'm pouring the rest of it down the sink. I'd hate to tell them how many I've wasted this way.