Friday, August 25, 2006

Shape Me Up

Got my hair cut and my eyebrows done. Actually, this was the first time I asked my barber to do my brows--he did a fabulous job. Went to Babies R Us and purchased a 140-pack of diapers for Sir. When my money was right (when was that?) I'd buy two of those boxes. It's rare that I go anywhere without Sir, and the cashier was looking for him to be in tow. I told her, "You know, I keep carrying conversations with the cart, forgetting that he's not in it." I watched as pregnant women and mommies towed their little ones around, and lamented that I couldn't park in the Stork Parking spot because I didn't have any precious cargo in tow (actually the Stork Parking is for the preggos, but I figure that wild-ass baby in the arms is equivalent to a baby in the belly). I eyed some of the cute baby clothing, realizing that Sir is no longer able to fit into that clothing, I envisioned my baby cousin Kiersten in some of the new Fall fashions on display (Note to Mom and self: Um, need to buy Kiersten gift before she turns one!). After Babies R Us, I went to Target to purchase wipes (I love Target wipes), cotton balls, and trash bags. I was amazed to find that I actually left with nothing more than the three items I intended to buy. From there I went to the barber shop and sat and listened to the men doing their thing. Funny... Men do more chatting than women. I left the barbershop and came home to find that Sir was down for a nap, which gave me time to eat and have something sweet. I was halfway through dessert when Sir stirred and wanted out of his crib. I went to retrieve him (after finishing my dessert, of course--do I look like a fool?) and we then took a long nap together with the windows open to 70-degree weather and a cool northeastern breeze blowing through the room.

Last tidbit: It's raining. And as I much as I've hated swimming class, I hate that the rain is going to keep us from having the last class. Miss Leslie was a great teacher (I must post a pic of the cool hat she knitted for Sir) and I wanted Sir to say his last goodbye. There's less than to two hours before class should start, maybe the rain will subside. Maybe.