Friday, August 04, 2006

Part Time Help Wanted

For The Night Crew
Go to Customer Service Desk for Application

Nikki Ann grabs the decaf coffee that she plans on surprising her mother with. They'd been to the store 3 times, and each time had forgotten it for one reason or another. She knows mom will be excited to finally have it. She heads to the cashiers line, but is reminded about a sign she'd seen outside and decides to inquire.

Nikki Ann: Are you still hiring for the night crew?

Customer Service: Yes.

Nikki Ann: What are the hours?

Customer Service: 9 pm until. We don't know the exact hours yet. Usually it's until the work is finished.

Nikki Ann: And it is part-time?

Customer Service: Yes. Who's the job for?

Nikki Ann: Actually it's for me.

Customer service representative gives Nikki Ann the once-over. She appears to be perplexed.

Nikki Ann: Thank you so much. Bye!

Nikki Ann sits at home chatting with her mom.

Nikki Ann: I inquired about that part-time night crew position.

Mom: Um, you remember that job you had at the airport?

Nikki Ann: Yeah?

Mom: You remember how you lasted only one day?

Nikki Ann: Um, yeah?

Mom: Okay.

Nikki Ann: But it speaks a lot about me that I'm willing to try anything. Right?

Mom looks at Nikki Ann with a blank expression. It appears that she knows this routine. Seen it way too many times. She gets up to exit the room but then turns to address Nikki Ann.

Mom: Someone's going to call.

Nikki Ann watches as Mom leaves the room. She chuckles at herself. She too knows that it's always at the moment when she's most impatient that a big breakthrough happens. Until then, she decides that it's okay to entertain silly thoughts and attempts; she knows that without this, she just wouldn't be Nikki Ann.