Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Morning Findings

First I spotted Mr. Rabbit, so I ran and grabbed my camera. How do I know it's a Mister?

Cause he's licking himself! Easy call.

Mr. Rabbit and his entire tribe have been very busy this summer. They tend to hang out everywhere. My Aunt Theldra, she lives around the corner, is lucky to have a bunch of baby rabbits in her yard. The rabbits are more friendly this year than ever before--at least that's what I thought until I almost stepped into this...

Anywho, after making a mental note to be more careful about allowing Sir to roll around in our lush grass, my eyes wandered around the yard in search of beauty.

This is my dad's squash plant from LAST year. It hasn't been cultivated, and thus, has not produced any squash. He's not here to tend to it, and mom and I aren't into food gardens. We enjoy planting annuals and perennials like this...

And let me be clear. I enjoy picking them out and saying that I'm going to plant and water them. In the end, mom has to help me plant them and she waters them because I forget to. Hey, I'm too busy watering my 14-month-old plant. Note to self: Hmmmm...Actually it's the tenth of August, so he's 15 months today.

Congrats to Sir Isom G. (who's down for a nap because mommy got tired of him yelling at her) on 15 great, ACTIVE months!